#WIB- Q&A With Heideli Loubser Writer & Owner Of House of Blogs

Heideli Loubser Writer & Owner Of House of Blogs
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1. Can you please tell us more about your business?

A. My main business is called House of Blogs, where I write copy for education, health & wellness, and family businesses to help them grow their audience and sales. I have international clients as well. I also run a blog called Homeschooler’s Life where I create content that helps make homeschooling less overwhelming for parents. Lastly, I also run the Durbanville SAToyTrade franchise, supplying educational toys to schools and individuals.

2. When, how and why did you start your business?

A. I started doing copywriting twelve years ago, a good while before I even realised that writing marketing copy had a name. I enjoy using words to help people get their message across clearly in a way that matches who they are. I started the blog in September 2019 and the franchise in November 2019.

3. What is your role in the business?

A. I am the owner, writer, and thinker. I help clients figure out what they want to say, to whom, why and how, and then create the content to do exactly that.

4. Where did you study and what did you study?

A. I completed training at Creare Training Centre in Bloemfontein (in art, drama, writing, dance, and music), an Honours degree in Ministry with Team Impact Christian University (USA), a Copywriting Diploma with Blackford Centre UK and a Creative Writing Diploma with CollegeSA. I’ve also done some other courses on digital marketing, WordPress websites, and more. I’m a lifelong learner!

5. How did you finance your business?

A. I pitched for work, kept on learning from other experts online and increased my rates as my skills improved.

6. Describe your average workday, if such a thing exists.

A. I get up in the mornings and start with self-care – stretching, drinking water, taking a walk, reading and quiet time. After breakfast, I homeschool my daughter for about an hour and a half, then I start working and continue till 5 pm. Working hours consist of answering emails, quoting clients, writing for different projects, networking online and scribbling ideas on my notepad throughout the day. The content I work on varies between blog posts, social media posts, lead magnets, website copy, email sequences, outlines, concepts and more.

7. How do you balance your home life and your work life?

A. Routine, routine, routine. I always say you have to have a routine to break one. It helps myself and my children to know what happens when, and what I can complete when.

The second way I balance my home life and work-life is by remembering who I’m doing it all for – my family. If I lose balance, I will lose the joy of sharing my progress with my main motivators!

I don’t use my mobile phone between 5 pm and 8 pm, so I can focus on my family. I don’t work nights or weekends anymore unless I work on my own content or unless it’s an emergency. This helps me rest properly and recharge for the week. I track my self-care – I used to think it’s a bit over the top to track water intake and exercise, but it works and helps me stay sane.

8. What drives you and inspires you?

A. I’m driven by the need to provide for my family, and I’m inspired by the stories of people who have achieved far more, with far less. My faith and hope in Christ fuel me to keep going, keep working, keep showing up. Even if all my plans and strategies don’t always work out, I can keep learning and trying new things.

9. Where and when do you have your best ideas?

A. I tend to have my best ideas in the bath or right before I fall asleep or when I’m doing something completely unrelated to my work, like painting, cleaning or gardening.

 Heideli Loubser Writer & Owner Of House of Blogs
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10. Where and how do you market/advertise your business for sales leads?

A. I advertise on Gumtree, Facebook, LinkedIn, my blog, and I network on Facebook groups that are relevant to my work and niche. Networking is by far more powerful than advertising for me because it’s about connecting through conversations. Most of my current clients have come via networking, my blog, and referrals. Sometimes it’s as simple as asking if you could help someone.

11. What is next for your business?

A. For copywriting, more retainer clients! For the blog, I want to hit 1000 subscribers by the end of the year, add more meaningful affiliate partnerships, and launch an e-book within the next month. More growth and sales for the toy franchise.

12. What advice would you give to female entrepreneurs hoping to start their own business?

A. DO IT! But, consider your family and involve them in HOW you’re going to do it. Consult with a few people more experienced and successful than you. Plan your strategy and STICK TO IT. Only change it if you can really see it’s not working out.

Don’t start talking about big dreams without taking the small first necessary steps. Take consistent, daily action. Keep learning and trying new things – watch YouTube videos, follow the experts and network inside their groups. Be helpful, positive and confident, even when you’re just starting out. Financial independence IS possible if you’re willing to do the work.

Know that you’re probably going to work way harder for yourself than you ever did for anyone else, but the upside is you’re doing it because it’s YOUR CHOICE.

Lastly, don’t try to do it alone. Get support, even if it’s just online at first. Go to networking events and be yourself, be sincere. Collaboration is truly powerful and can move you forward much faster than you expect!

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Heideli Loubser is a copywriter at www.houseofblogs.net, with ten years of experience in writing content for educational, health and family businesses. She is also the owner of http://homeschoolerslife.com/where she creates content that helps make homeschooling less overwhelming for parents. When not distracted by the joys of writing and parenting, she is a hobbyist gardener and creative arts, enthusiast.