Why You Should Buy Yourself A Ring

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Many women won’t treat themselves to jewellery because they believe that it is not something they should buy for themselves, but should rather receive as a gift.

This is according to Heidi Wahl of First Diamonds, South Africa’s largest diamond and tanzanite merchants, who say that this mindset needs to change and modern women can and should spoil themselves with an item of jewellery – recommending a self-love ring as the perfect purchase to start.

“Many women feel that they can’t reward themselves with what they truly want, however – you deserve it!  Treat yourself by splurging a little on a self-love ring. Not only will it inspire good feelings when you pick it out, but also every time you look down and see it on your finger.”

“Instead of hoping and wishing for a sparkling diamond or glittering tanzanite on your birthday or Christmas or to mark a momentous occasion, take control and buying one for yourself.  A ring that you’ve chosen yourself and gone out to make yours is your design, your decision, your own piece of timeless beauty to wear and enjoy.”

Here is a list of more great reasons to buy yourself a gorgeous, glittering self-love ring:
1. You should reward yourself

“You work hard. Whether it’s your career, home life, helping your friends and family, all of this effort deserves a reward.  What about celebrating that promotion at work, or the fact that you’ve paid off your student loans, or that you landed that career-making client?”

2.  Commit to yourself and your happiness

“You don’t need other people to make you happy. You only need to love yourself. Commit to your happiness. Commit to your own truth. Commit to you and symbolise this commitment with a self-love ring,” says Wahl.

“Every time you look at that ring on your hand remind yourself to look after yourself, be kind to yourself, be proud of yourself, and be happy.”

3.  Elevate your elegance and invest for the future
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Costume jewellery is fun and affordable – great to mix and match for functions, but there comes a time when you want to move up and elevate your image.  A timeless and classic ring is a right of passage to mirror the timeless beauty of women as they move through the stages of their lives.

“Buying yourself a quality self-love ring means you will own a piece of jewellery that you will wear for years. This is investing in your future instead of buying for the moment.”

Wahl explains that diamonds are also a financial investment as they always accrue value and will be worth more in years to come than what you paid for them.  “At the moment diamonds are also more affordable but their value will quickly return to pre-lockdown levels.  Now is the time to upgrade your jewellery collection with a diamond ring that will help elevate your personal brand.”

4.  Make a statement

Hands are noticeable.  Our eyes are drawn to people’s hands when we meet, chat, during business meetings, etc.  Why not make a statement with a bold and memorable ring?

“If you are interested in making a statement, look for a self-love right that has an unusual stone or design work,” says Wahl.  “Make your jewellery speak for you.  Rings come in exquisite designs that can really reflect who you are.”

5.  You don’t have to be engaged or married to wear a ring

Rings aren’t only for proposals and marriage is not the only reason to be wearing a ring.  Remember that when you buy your own ring it’s a piece that won’t carry the weight of a relationship and its memories. Wear your self-love ring with pride.”

6.  Rings are the perfect adaptable and versatile piece of jewellery
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The timeless simplicity and beauty of rings make them wearable with any outfit you put together. Wear them with your jeans and a t-shirt, or with your suit.  Rings are more versatile than earrings or a necklace since you aren’t restricted by the style or neckline of what you are wearing.”

“Remember that there are no rules when it comes to buying jewellery for yourself. If you like it, then buy it.  That’s the great part, you aren’t depending and hoping that another person will pick something that matches your taste,” concludes Wahl.

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