What Mom Should Do When Kids Are Helping In The Kitchen?

Kids follow their moms everywhere. Whether it’s the bedroom, bathroom, or even kitchen, they just don’t care. They always want to play and be around their moms. But there should be certain limits on where they can play, the kitchen being one of them.

However, it is rather not easy to have them not play in the kitchen when you are cooking. Kids just don’t listen. But remember, the kitchen is a dangerous area for them and any accident could be fatal. To make them not play in the kitchen, you can instead ask them to help around. You can ask them to help you wash the fruits, sprinkle salt, or even stir if they are old enough. If your kids are still toddlers, then you just have no other option but just being vigilant.

Having them help is however not enough. You need to take extra steps to ensure the kitchen is safe for them. Here is what you should do.

1. Dealing with electricity.

While electricity can be very helpful, it is one of the most dangerous forms of energy. It can kill you in a matter of seconds. The first thing to do is to make sure that the kitchen does not pose any electrical danger. If there any electrical appliances that you are not using, unplug them from the sockets and keep the plugs out of reach. Also, ensure all the switches are turned off and the electric outlets covered. If you are not using the electricity at all, you can even go ahead and turn it off from the main switch.

2. Preventing water messes.

It is a known fact, kids love to play with water and sadly, there is always plenty of water in the kitchen. If you have any pots or bottles that have water, you should move them away from the edges and make sure their tops are tightly done. You should also make sure that the pot filler faucet and all taps are tightly closed if you are not in need of them immediately. You can even lock them with latches or tap locks just to be sure that they won’t play with them. You really cannot risk your kid opening the hot water tap while you are looking away.

3. Securing cutlery.

You definitely cannot ask your kids to help you slice fruits or vegetables. Kids are never serious and it can be very dangerous. So you should make sure that all cutlery that you are not using is out of reach for children, and the ones you are using, make sure they are always with you and when done, put them out of reach with the rest.

4. Remove clutter.

Any house that has kids definitely has clutter. Make sure your kitchen does not have any clutter lying around. Kids can put anything they pick up in their mouths. You should be more careful with plastic wraps or any plastic bag, they can easily suffocate your child when playing. If there are any flammable materials like towels you should also put them far away. Unless you direct them to use such items you should not have them move around with them in the kitchen. They can easily catch a flame and put the kitchen on fire.

Extreme caution should be taken when the kids are helping their moms in the kitchen. A good mom will always have an eye on what their kid is doing in the kitchen. You should be aware of everything that is happening in your kitchen. Implement the four tips above to make your kitchen a safer place for the kids.