Virtual Office Space – Our New “Normal”

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Due to the times that we currently find ourselves in, there has been an immense shift in the way workplaces operate. Businesses are encouraged now more than ever to transform their workspace virtually. Businesses around the world are encouraging work from home solutions to contain the spread of the virus. With a virtual office, your business is still able to maintain that professional image of having a business address and efficient call answering service.

Without occupying physical office space, a virtual office solution comes with the benefits of flexibility and mobility, while you can focus on your business. We delved into why virtual office might just be a solution for the new world we operate it. We’ve numerous benefits such as:

Lower overheads

One of the biggest advantages is the cost benefit, seeing that your business no longer needs to commit to high, lengthy rental agreements. Your business is able to cut out additional expenses such as utilities, cleaning materials and beverages, amongst other associated costs that come with having your own office. By cutting back on these expenses, you can save your business money on a monthly basis for times like these, when it needs it most (simply to survive).

Daily Commute

Virtual offices allow for employees to work in the comfort of their own homes, no matter which province or country they’re based in. Removing the daily commute from the equation, can save both your business and employees an immense amount on travel costs. As we all know, time is money, and by working virtually, that daily commute time can be used for other productive tasks. Let’s not even get started on the impact on the environment that comes with traveling to and from the office five days a week, amongst business meetings and international travel.

Research has shown that longer commutes have a negative impact on workers, their families, their employers, and the economy as a whole. People who commute for long periods of time tend to be less physically active, which has a knock-on effect on employee’s long term health; according to an article by The Washington Post.

Employees health

By taking travel time out of the equation, employees have more free time on their hands to spend as they please. Whether that’s to exercise, spend time with family, cook up a delicious meal, or simply sleep in on the odd occasion. This extra time can have a drastic effect on improved mental and physical health, as well as overall wellbeing, which is bound to improve productivity at work.

According to an article by Business News Daily, employees who work virtually, work 1.4 days more per month. This is equivalent to three weeks extra per year. The article advises that by working virtually, one of the most effective ways in which employees can stay productive is by taking regular breaks during the day and returning back to their work refreshed and refocused.

Flexible working hours

Although this sounds daunting to many companies, flexible working hours are becoming more and more important to employees of this age. To the extent, that some candidates will not accept a new job offer, should this not be on the cards. Flexible working hours promotes job satisfaction for employees and boosts productivity, which enables businesses to get the most out of their staff. By allowing employees to work in their own hours, shows that they are a valued and trusted member of the team. It also empowers employees to perform at a high standard while being highly productive.

Access to employees worldwide

Our world is evolving and so should your business! We’re no longer limited to only employing staff in our own cities. These days, you can have employees based all around the world. Just have a look at the likes of Google and Facebook, who have call centres in different countries around the world. This is a great way to expose your company to new ways of thinking, new cultures, and new opportunities in other countries. Your business is also then available to your clients 24 hours per day due to the different time-zones.

Having a virtual office certainly has its benefits, although not all businesses are able to operate within these parameters. Virtual offices don’t limit you to online video calls or only being able to operate online. Many virtual offices, such as Cube Workspace offer modern Boardrooms for face to face meetings, brainstorming sessions, training, or networking.

Virtual offices offer many benefits, such as flexibility and mobility are one of their most important and reliable services in which they offer their clients. This is a proven concept to invest in, whether your business is a start-up or an established business. What are you waiting for?

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