Triple-layered Fashionable Durable Face Masks

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As the epidemic that we are currently faced with unfolds, the wide use of fabric masks has been declared compulsory for all South Africans when leaving their homes or coming into contact with others. Champion, a well-known, sought after, international clothing brand specialising in sportswear, is heeding to the call by producing high quality, triple-layered face masks. In an announcement today, SchoolMedia has shared that the homegrown youth marketing agency has secured full distribution rights of these masks in South Africa.

“As a company active in the youth market, much of our business is centred around activations. Of course, this is impossible now. Among other actions we have taken to pivot the business and our offerings, this is one such move. We wanted to bring a dynamic to the market that perhaps others are not doing at the moment. A face mask that not only protects but also brings joy to people – particularly the youth – and what better way than a cool branded item. The youth after all do love a good clothing brand,” says Khethi Ngwenya, entrepreneur and CEO of SchoolMedia.

“Prior to COVID-19, we have assisted Champion with marketing and building the brand in SA. The distribution of the masks now is a progression of that” says Ngwenya.

Suitable for the whole family, these masks are machine washable and reusable and come in vibrant colours and designs. They are 100 % locally produced and are made with flat elastic material for maximum comfort and ease.

Ngwenya encourages all South Africans to stop the spread of the coronavirus by practicing good hygiene habits and social distancing.

“These face masks are unique as they are not only durable, but they are also a fashion statement. As a brand that does not compromise on comfort and quality, Champion makes sure that these face masks are produced to the highest standards. I am very happy to be working with Champion to ensure that South Africans have access to fashionable and durable face masks which are a necessity for everyone during this time,” concludes Ngwenya.

The masks can be purchased through the Champion pop up store.

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