Trafficked – Africa being filmed in Durban

Durban, South Africa – A high-action feature film has started production in and around the Port of Durban, South Africa. Entitled Trafficked—Africa, this powerful movie, which was inspired by real life events, tells the story of journalist, Adeze Boyle, who travels to Southern Africa in search of a story on human trafficking. She stops at nothing, including putting herself in harm’s way to stop the trafficking ring that has been acting with impunity.  A highly engaging storyline explores the lives of characters who have been trafficked and their families, as well as those involved in fueling the human trafficking industry. 

 Directed by Jato Ehijator, this pioneering film focuses on social issues that are often not talked about in Africa, including human trafficking, HIV/AIDS, and prostitution. Through a well-crafted story this project highlights many of the social injustices in our society as well as the vulnerability of women and children. “I am creating an action-packed feature production that will help spark dialogue about some of the most challenging issues facing the continent of Africa and the rest of the world”, says Jato.    

With over 15 years in the film industry, Jato Ehijator’s portfolio of work has focused on telling African stories in Africa by Africans.  The ambitious Film Director is pushing the boundaries of the South African film industry by infusing elements of the West and Central African film industry into the local market to produce projects with global appeal.  This Artsy Lens Studio production will be filmed over the month March, with an expected release date of June 2019.  For more information about Trafficked—Africa follow the project on facebook and Instagram (@traffickedafrica), visit the website, or email