Tiger Wheel & Tyre Simplifies Tyre Size Searches for Customers

Tiger Wheel & Tyre is giving customers another good reason to remain loyal to the country’s most award-winning and trusted wheel and tyre company. The company has announced the introduction of a new fast and simple online search functionality that will reveal a customer’s vehicle’s tyre sizes.

Now, when customers take to the web to search for tyres, recalling which size to shop for is as simple as inputting their vehicle registration number into the relevant search box at www.twt.to. Anyone who has shopped at Tiger Wheel & Tyre from 2016 onwards will instantly have their vehicle’s tyre sizes returned to them.

“We’re always looking for ways to make things more convenient for customers. A few years back we introduced online shopping at www.twt.to with the ability to Book A Bay at the store of your choice to have products fitted and services rendered. Now, this new search functionality takes it to the next level,” said Group Marketing Executive, Joe du Plooy. “Instead of running to the garage at home or the parking lot at work to check the sidewalls of your tyres for this information, with just a few strokes of the keyboard you have all the info you need.”

Accuracy is perhaps the most important aspect of this new offering. In their haste to get their search done quickly, online shoppers and researchers often make errors entering tyre sizes or if their vehicle has staggered fitment (different size wheels and tyres on the front versus the rear), they forget this rather important consideration.

Need tyres in a hurry? Leave the heavy lifting to Tiger Wheel & Tyre. Go to www.twt.to, enter your vehicle registration number and voila. If you’ve shopped with the company in the past three years (online or in-store), your tyre sizes will be revealed and you can get on with the business of comparing brands and treads, and finding the tyre that’s right for you.