The Most Searched Socio-sexual Personality In SA

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We all are born with different personality traits. Sometimes we dominate someone, while there are instances where people tame us. Sometimes you like being called as the “ALPHA” male/female of your pack or hate being called shy as a “GAMMA” male/female. However, all these terminologies come under socio-sexual personalities, mainly categorized into Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Omega, Delta & Sigma.

Interestingly, these personalities are also trending on various social media handles, where people try to ascertain their personality type. The same curiosity led us to investigate which socio-sexual personality types are trending in Google searches in the first half of the year.

  • Sigma Male is the most searched personality followed by Alpha Male
  • Delta Female is the least searched personality type
What Do the Stats of South Africa Highlight?

It looks like masses are curious about Sigma Male because it tops the chart with a search volume of 5400, followed by Alpha Male with a search volume of 3600. Alpha Female holds the third position with a search volume of 720, whereas Beta Male holds fourth place with a search volume of 590. Further Sigma Female has a search volume of 480, Omega Male stands at 210, and Gamma Male boasts a search volume of 140.

However, the last spots are bagged by Delta Male with 90 searches, Beta Female with 70, Omega Female with 50, Gamma Female with 20, and Delta Female with 10 search volumes, respectively.

Traits Of Various Socio-sexual Personality Types
  • Alpha Male – He is the most dominating and charismatic of the lot – a born leader, super-successful, and enjoys his stardom!
  • Alpha Female – She is a true goddess, powerful, and knows how to carry herself.
  • Beta Male – He is modest, easy-going, and responsible. Also, he is the ideal ‘husband material’ in the lot!
  • Beta Female – She is sensible, and reliable, although not the popular type. Moreover, she often does not get the credit she deserves!
  • Gamma Male – He is shy, lacks determination, and takes more responsibilities than he can handle!
  • Gamma Female – She likes to be caught by the man she adores! She is goal-oriented and knows how to achieve her goals.
  • Omega Male – He is the odd one in the wolf pack. This guy isn’t competitive and has a laid-back attitude in life.
  • Omega Female – She is smart, skillful, and straightforward. This woman is a child at heart and often has unrealistic expectations!
  • Delta Male – He is modest and hard-working but unable to draw attention to himself.
  • Delta Female – She is shy and likes to be alone. Moreover, she isn’t chasing success or popularity!
  • Sigma Male – He is the smartest of the lot, attractive, successful, and somewhat manipulative.
  • Sigma Female – A sigma woman is proud, charismatic, and a high-achiever.
Expert opinion by: Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD, reviewer and certified psychiatrist of ThePleasantPersonality.

“The six personality traits both in men and women act as a precursor to recognize how a particular individual acts and behaves in society. Besides, individuals are curious to identify their personality type and even change or rectify certain aspects to become more successful and happier, explaining the reason behind such search behavior.”

“Each of us has a distinct personality trait. It could be your genes or upbringing, but every person has a unique personality that identifies them as adult. So, identify your personality trait to flaunt it easily and confidently.”