#SprayItForward – Q&A with Amanda Du Pont

Q&A with Amanda Du Pont
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OmniProtect has partnered with SA celebrities and personalities to donate 4000 liters of liquid sanitizer to 4 communities in need.

Q. Can you tell us more about the #SprayItForward campaign and how did you get involved? 

A. I had been doing a charity initiative of my own. Where I was identifying families in need who needed assistance with groceries during the lockdown in a form of cash e-wallets and bank transfers. OmniProtect wanted to jump on board and help where they could. They already had this incredible initiative in a place called Spray it Forward where they were looking to partner with celebrities to donate 4 tons of sanitizer. I was thrilled at the opportunity. As I have been wanting to assist frontline staff. We are still looking to identify which hospital would be best suited or in serious need of this sanitizer. Together with OmniProtect, we have also been able to identify a home of 50 abused women and children called Bethany Home. We will be donating aerosol sanitizers, books, and clothing. In a time like this abuse has been on the rise and we saw it fit that these women are looked after.

Q. What goal do you think celebrities and sports stars should have during this crisis?

A. I suppose no one needs to have any responsibility. I just hope that at this time, as human beings we can hold each other’s hands. It’s the only way we will make it through this pandemic is to be there for each other in ways we can support.

Q. What are the goals of this campaign  and how do the goals align with your personal brand?

A. The goals of this campaign are to educate people on safety measures during the pandemic and assist those who may not have the funds for sanitizer. As I’m sure many are concerned with having food at this time. This campaign aims to alleviate the pressure for those who would also like to stay safe. The campaign is very much aligned to my beliefs as I feel those affected by lockdown or slow down of work are already pulling so heavy and just trying to survive. So any help for them will go a long way.

Q. How important is hygiene now in the current circumstances of the COVID19 virus?

A. Hygiene has always been important. However hygiene now I’m this Covid-19 pandemic has now become compulsory! We must educate ourselves and clean high touch areas and our hands as often as possible.

Q. What steps are you taking at home with your family during this time and what tips do you have to share?

A. In my home, I keep OmniProtect sanitizer at the entrance and a box of gloves. There are also face masks in the car so that should I leave the house staying safe becomes a habit. I spray my hands, car door, steering wheel, and all high touch surfaces with OmniProtect sanitizer. And I’m sure to keep a safe distance when out getting supplies.

Q. What message of inspiration do you have for the South African public?

A. We will make it through this! Be there for those who can’t for themselves-this is essentially what life is about.

Q. Why is this particular aerosol sanitizer important?

A. OmniProtect sanitizer is an aerosol giving even distribution and making sure to kill all germs. It is also handy in the act that you are not required to touch objects or items you are disinfecting. It fits in your handbag quite easily and has a perfect alcohol-water substance, unlike sticky gel versions. Also, they are doing incredible work like #SprayItForward and SpraySafe to educate people on the importance of constantly disinfecting your hands and high touch areas. They are also helping front line staff and underprivileged communities with their liquid sanitizer donations.

OmniProtect is a powerful hand and surface sanitizing spray with 70% alcohol. Its aerosol function allows for an easy and effective application that limits contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.