Share the Joy of Easter

The Easter season has started and children of all ages are looking forward to eating lots of chocolate eggs and finding a basketful of awesome toys on the Easter egg hunt. The March Hares are ready to surprise children with the perfect Easter goodies. This year they’ve hopped over to Prima Toys to find the best, the cutest and the most fun toys and games for girls and boys.

Chiquita Patrizi, spokesperson for Prima Toys says that it has been a wonderful experience helping the March Hares choose gifts. “Easter is about family and celebration. It is also about chocolate eggs, cute bunnies, Easter hunts and lots of spoils. This year there is lots to choose from including Treasure X Dragons and National Geographic Safari figurines for boys and Bananas, Doorables and Pikmi Pops for girls. There are lots of awesome goodies to choose from!” says Patrizi.

Below is a list of toys that are perfect for the Easter basket and egg hunt

1. Bananas
Bananas are the latest, cutest collectibles craze to hit the toy shelves. These collectible toys are available as single bananas or as beautifully coloured bunches of three. Each Banana is deliciously scented and in order to see what is inside, it needs to be peeled open. Inside each Banana is a unique Crushie character that can be decorated with gemstone stickers.Bananas are available as singles or a bunch of three. RSP: from R 89.99

2. Disney Doorables
Disney Doorables are tiny play sets featuring mini character figures with adorable glittery glass eyes. They are cute, collectible and fun to play with! The sparkly eyes and small size are part of what make the Disney Doorables so appealing. Now, there is a new range available – season 2 features 88 new characters a lot more interactive play for loads more fun!
RSP: from R 89.99

3. Pikmi Pops
Meet some cute, plush characters full of scent and surprises! Pikmi Pops are the cutest little collectibles just waiting to be unwrapped. Created by the same company that brought Shopkins to the world, the Pikmi Pops are toys that offer multiple ways of play. New toys in the range include Pikmi Pops Flip Mi Pops, Pikmi Pops Bubble Drops and Pikmi Pops Style Mi. Available at toy stores and retailers from RSP: R 129.99

4. National Geographic Safari, Ocean and Dinosaur Figures
Explore safari animals, ocean animals and dinosaurs with National Geographic Figures! Download the free Wildlife wow app to bring the animals to life. The app allows you to explore their habitat through virtual reality mode. Use x-ray vision to peer inside each animal and examine their skeletons, watch videos, learn fun facts, take funny photos and play with the animals in augmented reality mode. For the animal enthusiasts, these toys make ideal gifts.
From RSP: R 269.99

5. Treasure X Dragon
Kids can rip, chip, dig and ooze through different layers to find the buildable Dragon that lies within. Every pack features ten levels of adventure that encourage a gradual and exciting reveal for treasure and Dragon figures! There are 8 dragons to discover in the series. Each pack includes reusable slime that can be stored in the treasure chest. From RSP: R 239.99 The toys are available at leading toy stores and retailers countrywide.

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