Returning To The Office? Skip The Stress With Natural Wellness Tips

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As more South Africans return to the workforce under the new lockdown regulations, they’re entering an environment that triggers stress for the majority of employees. Add to this the uncertainty over social distancing, job security, and personal health, and it’s a recipe for stress levels to soar higher than ever. But new wellness solutions, such as CBD, can make this environment, and the stress that goes with it, more manageable.

A recent survey found that overall employee stress levels have risen by nearly 20% in the last three decades. Workplace stress is widespread – American research suggests over 80% of professionals are stressed at work – but it can also be easily prevented and managed.

And it is in our best interests to manage these feelings, as stress can have far-reaching effects, such as health complications, disruption of sleep patterns and can cause strain on personal relationships.

With the current anxiety, most individuals are experiencing due to the global pandemic, workplace stress may be at an all-time high as employees return to their desks after the national lockdown.

“However, there are simple steps that can make it easier to cope with negative emotions in the workplace. A natural supplement such as CBD can be a great way to aid in alleviating the effects of stress.

This cannabis-based product contains no THC (the chemical that causes a ‘high’) and is non-intoxicating, making it a compact on-the-go choice for managing workplace stress and incorporating into a healthy lifestyle, explains APEX CBD Brand Manager, Kayla Lawson.

Try the following tips to stay on top of office stress:

  • Stay in charge: You may not be able to control all aspects of your workday, but you can create an organizational system that will leave you feeling more in control and less stressed.
  • Master your time: Scheduling enough time and prioritizing your tasks will leave you feeling less overwhelmed and reduce the amount of deadline pressure you may face.
  • Boost your body: A natural supplement such as CBD can be a great way to reduce the effects of stress. CBD is known to work with the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system plays a role in regulating many bodily functions, including sleep and the effects of stress and anxiety.
  • Get in your ZZZs: Sleep helps your body regulate itself and can lift your mood, leaving you feeling able to tackle challenges that may pop up during your workday. Ensure you practice healthy sleep habits and keep a strict sleep schedule when managing stress levels.
  • Off the clock: What you do outside of the office is as important as what you do inside the office. Keep your stress at bay by creating a support system of loved ones, who you can share your thoughts and feelings with.

APEX is a CBD brand with products made from the highest quality cannabis plants, grown in the mountains of Lesotho.

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