Plascon boosts traffic safety with road marking paint

As South Africa gears up for peak holiday traffic volumes experienced during December, road safety is at the forefront of the minds of those who manage traffic flow and all road users.  The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) recently teamed up with the City of Johannesburg to host a Quality Road Markings event in support of Transport Month and to increase safety and user experience on the city’s roads.

Plascon was one of three paint suppliers to demonstrate their road-marking paint products at the event which took place at Hyde Park 6th Road between Jan Smuts and First Road last month.  Road marking paint is critical to ensuring road safety as it needs to be both visible and durable. The paint products showcased by Plascon and the other suppliers had to comply with the following factors required by JRA: 

  • Paint products must include crystal glass beads with the strong capacity for absorbing, storing and emitting light.
  • Can glow for more than twelve hours in the dark thereby increasing safety for road users.
  • All the paints (pigments, masterbatches, and aggregates) are non-toxic with no radioactive additives. They must be harmless to the environment which offers a greater level of social responsibility.
  • Paints must be quick drying and suitable for direct application to all types of new or previously painted bituminous and concrete road surfaces.
  • Can be applied by brush, roller or road striping machine.
  • Must have good retro reflectivity due to excellent glass bead retention.
  • Produce a surface with anti-skid properties thereby increasing safety when it is raining.

Rolf Redelinghuys, who heads up Plascon’s road-marking paint division, highlights the importance of using specialised highly visible, durable and long lasting road-marking paints to keep traffic flowing smoothly and minimise driver distraction. “It can be applied to all suitable bitumen, asphalt and concrete road surfaces. The specialised resin technologies used in these products, provide maximum resistance to wear and weather conditions.  

These products can be used for painting traffic lines on freeways, city streets, airport runways, factories, parking lots, playgrounds – wherever durable traffic markings are required. “Importantly, to minimise traffic disruptions during application, these products dry rapidly within 15 minutes.”

“Another important feature is that these Plascon road-marking paints are very durable with high visibility during the day and night time and designed to withstand a wide range of road and weather conditions that reduces the repainting frequency of lines within the city. Generally speaking, suitable quality asphalt roads exposed to the high traffic volumes within the city and the varying highveld weather conditions in Johannesburg, traffic line markings under ideal conditions should last up to three years. Furthermore, the product is water based and therefore have low risk to operators and is environmentally friendly.” 

Plascon Brand Manager Mareta Le Roux says, “It was an honour for Plascon to be invited to participate in the JRA and City of Johannesburg’s worthwhile road markings initiative, which highlighted the importance of road-marking paint in improving the user experience and safety of Joburg’s roads.”