Looking Good As We Do Good

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In line with contributing to the fight against COVID-19, Otiz Seflo, a Johannesburg-based fashion studio, has brought out a range of high-quality medical scrubs for healthcare workers.

Otsile Sefolo, the founder and owner of the Otiz Seflo fashion brand, describes the scrubs as being not only comfortable and practical but really stylish too. “With the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) being higher than ever due to COVID-19, we decided to adapt our business offering and produce well-designed scrubs,” explains Otsile. 

“We wanted to ensure healthcare workers have a wide range of scrubs to choose from that ease their day-to-day duties, but keep them looking good as they do good. We have the fashion know-how and expertise, so we are very excited to bring out this new part of our business.”  

Made of premium Egyptian cotton, the scrubs are available for both male and female medical professionals in a variety of beautiful fabrics, colours, styles, and designs. Tailored and designed to last, all the scrubs are custom-made to suit different preferences and personalities.   

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“We are currently focused on making scrubs, but we are planning to expand the range by introducing skirts and dresses as the demand increases,” explains Otsile.  

In addition to producing scrubs, Otiz Seflo is mitigating the spread of coronavirus by creating stunning protective face masks, which are selling really well.

COVID-19 has immensely affected the fashion industry and is hampering its tremendous growth over the past few years. Across the country, the lockdown has had a crippling impact on small, local, fashion brands like Otiz Seflo.

By buying its scrubs and/or face masks, you play your part in supporting local business and building our economy, while looking great and protecting yourself.

If you would like to buy Otiz Seflo scrubs or face masks, you can contact Otsile Sefolo on 079 676 5668 (WhatsApp) or order them through the Otiz Seflo Instagram page.

With an additional courier fee, scrubs can also be delivered to clients outside of South Africa.