Kfm’s Mamohau Seseane On Being A Young Female In The Competitive Radio Industry

Issued By: Staff Writer Joan Hendricks

Mamohau Seseane (24) is one of the youngest radio presenters at Kfm 94.5 – the Western Cape’s number one commercial radio station.

Originally from Benoni, on the East rand of Johannesburg Seseane currently hosts the Saturday night Bloc Party Show from 6-9pm, as well as Kfm Sunday Love Songs, from 7-10pm.

We caught up with her and asked her to elaborate more on the challenges she had to face as a female in the radio industry, share with us what she loves most about being a woman in radio and what she’d like to share with the women of South Africa this Women’s Month.

You are a well-known and much-loved radio DJ, what hardships (if any) did you have to face as a female coming into this industry?

Due to the nature of the industry and pressure to perform, I experienced imposter syndrome– doubting myself and talents, which I think many women experience in the workplace. Another is lack of adequate mentorship due to over-competitiveness, as well as comparisons to other women in the industry who have the same base-level characteristics as you. Our industry can improve further on the inclusion of women in every aspect of our industry. Things have certainly changed and developed, however, and it is so exciting to see more women, women I look up to, hosting their own shows within the commercial radio space!

How did you overcome these challenges?

Radio is an industry where the tool of the trade is YOU. Your personality, standing in your truth, being comfortable in who you are and holding your own are keys to being successful. I had to focus very much on discovering myself, finding my own voice, believing in myself and knowing that I have a lot to offer. Another great help was sticking my neck out to connect with others in the industry to learn and grow. I also maintain openness to other women seeking advice as I don’t believe in withholding knowledge and lessons. It’s a work in progress!

What is your message to the women of South Africa during Women’s Month?

Do not be afraid to take up space. As women, we tend to navigate certain spaces as if we are apologizing even for existing. We have a plethora of issues facing women in our country, including the disproportionate representation of poor, unemployed women. It’s important for us each in whatever capacity we can, to make a difference. Your thoughts, ideas, and opinions are valid, so invest in yourself, be unwavering in your power to be heard and let’s help other women do the same!

Which females inspire you to be better?

Too many to mention! I am easily inspired by women who, despite challenges and barriers, continue to hold their own, make waves within their respective industries and refuse to quit. My mother is a woman I consistently draw strength from. As a single mother who has faced many a challenge, she always stands in her truth, is not afraid to speak up and has weathered many a storm with absolute grace.

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Kfm’s Mamohau Seseane
What do you love most about being a woman in radio?

I love being part of a new generation of women finding our voices, taking hold of our agency and tackling societal issues in a very different way. I love being able to connect with people and other women, both young and old, in storytelling and being more aware of how we use our platforms. Most importantly, I am incredibly grateful and love having a platform to use my skills to empower other women in various other industries.

Any exciting future plans you can tell us about?

I am in the process of starting up something which aims to empower women with media and communication skills. We go about our lives with so many filters, so I love creating and being part of spaces that get behind them. Catch me on air and watch this space!