Introducing Adventure Included

Outdoor exploration for the whole family, made easier and more fun: Adventure Included

With today’s pace, everyone needs a break. Getting outdoors with your family and friends is one of the best ways to recharge. Many people think that getting involved in the ‘outdoor lifestyle’ requires lots of planning. This is not the case – Adventure Included offers a user-friendly online community where everyone can get involved.

From fun family events to challenging off-road driving, Adventure Included should be your first choice for events, tips, training, or even just to chat to others in the community if you’re looking for recommendations.

Our website offers a handy events calendar, essential and unique downloads ranging from educational ‘Eco Aware’, a ‘Camping Packing Checklist’ to ‘Country Guides’ for those who want to head off the beaten track. Adventure Included regularly updates this material.

The Adventure Included blog is a wealth of information, covering tips on making travel more enjoyable and easier. You can contact experts directly if you have any specific questions. If you visit our Facebook page, you’ll get a sense of what we are about – it’s all about getting outdoors, sharing and enjoying new experiences.

You don’t need to be an off-road expert

Adventure Included offer comprehensive off-road driving courses. The best part is that you are taught you in your own vehicle – this means that you will be more confident behind the wheel. First timers are often surprised by what their vehicle is capable of doing.

Hone your outdoor skills

Adventure Included offers fun, family-oriented courses on Bush Craft, First Aid, Photography, Birding, Navigation etc. It’s a great way to boost your skills and get your kids interested in activities that don’t require a smartphone.

Team Effort

Bidvest McCarthy Toyota has partnered with Adventure Included to bring this exciting new venture to South African families. Adventure Included has also formed collaborative partnerships with other leading outdoor brands such as FujiFilm, Maxxis Tyres, SecureTech, Cross Country Insurance Consultants and Travel Doctor Corporate amongst others.

Adventure Included hosts, or supports, regular breakaways and tours into Africa, which is ideal if you’re looking for adventure, without all the planning. It’s also a fantastic way to meet like-minded people, explore our beautiful continent and feed your spirit for adventure.

What we offer

Adventure Included is a fast-growing community and we’re continuously adding new activities, training and information. Below is a quick summary of what we offer:

  • Strongly family orientated activities
  • Opportunity to share your outdoor adventures with the community
  • Learn outdoor skills (Bush Craft, First Aid, Photography, Birding, Navigation etc.)
  • Attend lifestyle events via our calendar
  • Off-Road Driver Training and Recovery courses
  • Local breakaways as well as overland tours into Africa
  • Get answers from experts on our blog
  • Share your own knowledge with the community
  • Interact with other members on the Adventure Included website ,
  • Download premium, original content (eBooks, Infographics, Checklists, Packing guides)
  • Improve your skills with our Instructional videos
  • Benefit from special offers
  • Participate in our Mountain Bike and Trail Running series

Adventure Included is an all-in-one community for those who enjoy getting away from it all. Most activities, training and getaways are geared specifically for families with the support of experts who are knowledgeable in all things outdoor and off-road.

With the holidays on the way, join the adventure at , sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch and become part of a community that treasures nature, the thrill of exploring, and simply having a great time.