How to Choose a CBD Oil

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Choosing the right cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a very personal decision. Everyone is different, and there are many CBD oil options to choose from. To make things simple, we boiled it down to these 7 tips to help you choose the highest quality CBD oil. 

CBD oil can have many different positive effects, according to anecdotal reports. Most people take CBD oil or a CBD tincture under the tongue for a full body effect; others choose CBD capsules. Still, others prefer CBD topicals for their potential benefits to muscles and joints or to treat skin conditions. Side effects associated with CBD use are mild if any side effects are experienced at all, making it a popular new supplement option for many different people.

Whichever form of CBD oil products you use (CBD oil, CBD gummies with THC, or CBD pills), it is important to choose a reputable and trustworthy CBD oil manufacturer to purchase from. The questions below are a great guide to give you a framework for understanding the choices that CBD manufacturers make before arriving at a finished product.

By understanding these steps, you can make better choices about which CBD oil brand you want to take.
Tip 1 Research where the hemp comes from

According to recent news reports, as much as 70% of CBD products sold in American retail stores and online are made from hemp sourced from farms in China. China has very low standards for environmental protection and agricultural pollution. The two regions in China that produce hemp also have recent histories of heavy metal pollution.

Hemp is a bio-accumulator. That means it draws out toxins from the soil and the surrounding environment. Some countries use hemp to suck all of the pesticides and toxins from the ground so they can plant food crops. If CBD products are made with hemp grown in these conditions, then contamination with heavy metals could be a real potential health risk. 

Tip 2 Learn about full spectrum CBD for THC-free

Not all CBD oils are created equal. There are different levels of purity when it comes to CBD oil products. Full-spectrum CBD oil has the complete cannabinoid profile of the cannabis plant present, and a CBD purity level between 50% of a raw hemp extract to 75% of a full spectrum distillate. After 75%, the full spectrum range starts to fade away. 

As long as you don’t have a drug test hanging over your head, we recommend that you choose full-spectrum hemp CBD products. (But be advised: even though a CBD product may not contain THC, it may still test positive on a drug test!)

Tip 3 Find out the CBD extraction method

Some companies use cheap methods of extraction that could be dangerous to your health. They may use toxic solvents like butane and propane, more commonly used in lighter fluid and cooking ranges, to extract CBD. The companies that consumers should seek out are those that use cleaner extraction methods.

One of the safest extraction processes involves using organic ethanol. It is considered to yield the highest amount of cannabinoids. Another extraction method involves using carbon dioxide (CO2) under high pressure to refine cannabis oil from the hemp plant. CO2 extraction requires more expensive equipment, but the CBD retains its purity throughout the process.

Tip 4 No third-party lab reports, no purchase

Be aware: there are no federal regulations to assure that every CBD product is safe. Before purchasing CBD oil from any company you should be sure they have proof that a third-party lab tested their products and that they provided all of the results. Full lab reports should have a potency profile, proving that the product contains the legal amount of THC.

It should also verify the potency by showing the actual amount of CBD in each bottle of CBD oil, and the amount of CBD per serving. Showing how much CBD is actually in their products is important to a brand’s trustworthiness. They should also test for harmful contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, and microbials. You should only choose CBD products that have a third party conduct safety tests for contaminants.

Tip 5 QR codes on CBD packaging

A reliable CBD company will allow easy access to the third-party laboratory results of all of their products. Otherwise, it could be fake CBD. Many companies will have links on their websites leading to the different reports and certifications. Top-tier brands will have a scannable QR code on each one of their products that leads their consumers straight to their lab results, sometimes called certificate of analysis COA. A QR barcode on the product label demonstrates that the CBD brand has nothing to hide.

Tip 6 Onlu shop for organic CBD oil

When standing in the aisle of the health food store, scanning QR codes to read reports beforehand may not always be plausible. Organic products are grown with non-GMO seeds and cultivated with organic practices without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.  

Tip 7 Try cornbread hemp

Cornbread Hemp makes the process of buying CBD oils easier by constantly striving to produce the best in high-quality products made from hemp oil. We do this by choosing the best option in every step of the CBD oil-making process, from seed to shelf.

The CBD oil industry is vast and untamed, and it can be difficult to choose a safe and reliable CBD oil product. When choosing the best quality CBD oil for you from a company you can trust, choose the full spectrum health benefits of Cornbread Hemp’s