Good Food, Hot Baths, Warm Home – with the AGA Rayburn

Is Load Shedding spoiling your dinner plans? Find a solution that liberates you from electricity constraints… with the AGA Rayburn Cooker which uses wood and solid fuel… Goodbye Eskom! Cook when YOU want to, with AGA off-the-grid cookers.

The AGA Rayburn cast-iron cookers offer the ultimate flexibility plus unparalleled cooking performance. They are available in two sizes and 12 timeless colours – there’s an AGA Rayburn cooker to suit every home!

The AGA Rayburn can ALSO be used for generating hot water and heating in your home. Besides being off the grid, one of the most appealing features of an AGA Rayburn is it gently warms the heart of the home too.

So, if you are considering a cast-iron range cooker and want to heat your home and water, an AGA Rayburn is the perfect choice…   The AGA Rayburn is unique. You can cook superlative food, and with the heat exchange capability run a number of radiators upstairs and downstairs, whilst providing hot water at the turn of a tap. They are ‘A’ rated for efficiency, which is excellent news from the perspective of running costs. Choose wood and solid fuel.

Gas driven AGAs are available in 2, 3 and 4 oven models.   Both are ideal choices for those working towards self-sufficiency.  Reasons to Invest in an AGA Rayburn:A central heating system and cooker in one neat package – beneath the classically beautiful exterior of an AGA Rayburn lies a highly efficient combined heating and cooking system that creates mouth-watering dishes, a wonderfully warm home and piping hot water, when you need it. What’s more, with the added convenience of having all your heating, hot water and cooking in one, you can use valuable additional space for other appliances – or creative space!Better food – the AGA Rayburn is a brilliant cook that produces amazing succulent food in its cast iron ovens. Using the principle of indirect gentle radiant heat, the ovens gently cook food and lock in flavour, moisture and goodness.

The green choice – with solid fuel and ‘A’ efficiency rated options, the AGA Rayburn is the ideal choice for those who care for the environment as much as they care about good food and a warm home. Every AGA Rayburn is almost completely recyclable, with a large proportion of each AGA Rayburn produced using recycled iron.Design classic – the iconic smooth lines, attractive colours, and solid reliability of an AGA Rayburn, have created a design classic that blends in perfectly with any home.Proud heritage – for decades, the AGA Rayburn has been made by skilled craftsmen at the company’s historic foundry in the UK.

Options and colours to suit every home – a range of fuel options to choose from plus 12 colours.Longevity – AGA Rayburn boasts a 300-year history. AGA cookers are built to last for decades. Recognised as the world’s best cooking appliance, the AGA oven commands a level of adulation more often associated with the glitz of Hollywood fame — and generates similar devotion. It’s deemed the number one luxury appliance brand and is revered as one of the top three design icons of the century. It’s the kitchen centrepiece of Celebrities, Professional Chefs, Royalty and discerning Homeowners across the globe. AGA represents a lifestyle, one that owners embrace and share fervently with others.

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The full range is available directly from AGA South Africa and a selection from Bergzicht Furnishers, Euro Appliances, Gas & Equipment and Metelerkamps.