Go Bananas for Bananas

Bananas are the latest, cutest collectibles craze to hit the toy shelves. Winner of the 2019 UK Toy Fair’s Hero Award, Bananas incorporate the thrill of unboxing with the love of collecting. Children will go bananas for Bananas with their wonderful scent and fun surprises inside!

These collectible toys are available as single bananas or as beautifully coloured bunches of three. Each Banana is deliciously scented and in order to see what is inside, it needs to be peeled open. Inside each Banana is a unique Crushie character. The Bananas Crushie can be decorated with gemstone stickers and for even more fun play, the Crushies can be connected together on a display vine, which in also included.  Kids can collect the beautifully coloured Bananas to create bunches, and at the same time collect all the unique Crushie characters and their mini squeezable friends.

Fun can be had over and over again because Bananas are made for peeling, closing and re-peeling. Each banana can be used as a home for the Crushie, turned into a cozy Crushie bed, or used as a Crushie carry case. The range also features the hard-to-find, special, limited edition Crushies.

“Bananas incorporate a number of play patterns and were designed with girls aged 5 to 10 in mind. They’re about colour, collecting, peeling and enjoying. To say that bananas have massive appeal is an understatement,” says Chiquita Patrizi, spokesperson for Prima Toys.

There are 24 Crushies to collect in Wave One with more arriving on toy shelves in future waves. There are 6 colours of Bananas, with more fun colours to come. Bananas are available as singles or a bunch of three.

Included in each Banana:

  1. collectible character
  2. mini friend
  3. gem stone stickers
  4. collector’s sheet
  5. a hanging vine for display

Singles RSP: R89.99

Three pack RSP: R249.99

Ideal for ages 5 plus.

For more information go to www.primatoys.co.za