Full Body Winter Workouts From Home

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Pole dance has become more mainstream since it was first awarded Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) Observer Status in 2017, but whilst it’s now considered an official sport and the community is growing, it’s still one of the lesser-known forms of fitness.

In terms of exercise, pole fitness improves fitness, tone, strength, coordination and balance, stamina and muscle definition.It is the perfect union of athleticism and artistry… and with online classes and tutorials on offer by The Pole Project, it has never been easier to work on your fitness levels at home.

Kathy Lee, owner of The Pole Project says, “During this time of COVID-19 we are all looking for a way to keep ourselves active, and convenience is also a huge factor. Whether you want to join online group classes or use our on-demand tutorials at your leisure; what we’ve tried to do over the past few months is to carry on engaging with our community and create value by continuing with instruction as best we can”. Lee adds, “We know that most people don’t have poles at home, so for our online classes and on-demand videos we’ve had to focus on complementary activities to continue building strength and fitness levels until such time as we can welcome members back to the studio”.

In line with this, most of their online classes available do not require equipment. These classes range from flexibility and bodyweight strength training to yoga, dance, and floor work, and you can join live or work from the recording later on. In addition, The Pole Project’s first series of on-demand videos include handstand tutorials for beginners and intermediates, as well as shoulder strength and mobility exercises. There are more tutorial videos in the pipeline.

What’s more, is that you can also cross-train with workouts of your own because any additional bodyweight and HIIT training make it easier to progress. Cardio gets you huffing and puffing. It burns calories fast, works your core, improves endurance, and encourages the heart and lungs to pump oxygen to your muscles more effectively.

Strength training gets your muscles moving and exerting force, improving functional strength. It builds lean muscle mass and provides a metabolic spike after a workout that continues burning fat while your body recovers. Muscular endurance training is best described as repetitive activities that teach your muscles to exert force without getting fatigued.

Flexibility is about working on your range of motion, stretching your muscles, moving from your core, and improving your balance. In fact, activities like yoga and Pilates are also great for improving focus and mindfulness because they require discipline and have an emphasis on connecting with and moving from your core.

In closing, Lee says, “As with any sport you start as a beginner and work your way up to advanced at your own pace. Our oldest member is 61, but we also have a kids class called Fly Kids with students as young as 6. At this time though, our online classes and on-demand videos are geared toward keeping those interested in moving and engaged, and ultimately excited to get back to classes”.

For more information, contact The Pole Project on (021) 461 0215 | info@thepoleproject.co.za | www.thepoleproject.co.za