Experience purification with hansgrohe’s PowderRain technology

Franklin, his kite and his key. Tesla and his coil. Jobs and his Macintosh. Musk and his Falcon. Throughout the course of history, individuals have taken bold steps in innovation, pushing the limits of what the world needs. Without such robust forays into the unknown, humanity would still be playing in the mud with sticks and stones. Such visionaries inevitably change the world. Hansgrohe is about to do the same.

Meet the Future of Showers

Hansgrohe has launched PowderRain, a unique shower spray which mimics its namesake and makes for a shower experience that could shift the bathing landscape forever. Hansgrohe PowderRain is a pleasantly gentle and quiet spray type, where thousands of microfine droplets envelop your body, creating a smooth and sensual experience.


Hansgrohe PowderRain technology imitates Mother Nature’s own showers, taking its inspiration from the mystical morning mist and dewy droplets of the rainforest. Imagine a canopy of luscious green, hiding the flutter of wings and the whispering in the heat. Imagine the verdant undergrowth, hiding predatory eyes and the soft pad of heavy paws. Imagine the rainforest in all of its glory, fine droplets settling upon your brow as you lift your face heavenward and soak up the refreshing spray.


Hansgrohe never designs without justification, which is why Hansgrohe PowderRain is not just a matter of harnessing nature’s reality for the sake of wonder. This highly advanced spray mode is currently only available with the Raindance S Select range of jets and is far finer than conventional jets. Not only is the splash effect reduced with PowderRain, but it creates significantly lower shower noise. It has also proven to be far more effective for washing shampoo out of your hair.


With Hansgrohe’s Select technology, all it takes is the touch of a button to find yourself enveloped in cool aerated droplets. Instead of having one single spray outlet for each nozzle, PowderRain exposes six fine openings which transform the spray into thousands of incredibly light micro droplets that gently fall onto the skin.

For You

At the end of the day, however, this is about you. The Raindance S Select range is large enough for you to get the perfect combination for your bathroom, featuring at least eight initial options for your mixer and faucet – and that’s before you start choosing your combinations. It`s your choice of surface-mounted or concealed, overhead showers, hand showers and shower pipes, all allowing you to find the perfect match.For you, your home and your experience. Now that´s what we call creative ingenuity.