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With over a decade of experience being a fashion, travel and beauty influencer, and five years doing it full-time, Aqeelah Harron-Ally of the blog Fashion Breed recently released her first eBook titled Booked. Busy. Verified. to help budding content creators grow their digital brands.

And Harron-Ally hasn’t held back. The eBook covers everything from how to pitch to brands for paid collaborations, how to shoot better images and videos, how to be a better writer, how to adopt healthy mindsets for social media, and how to think, act and work like a business.

The eBook also covers timeless concepts and techniques that can be applied across all topic genres, on any platform, for every level. Most of all, the eBook shows readers how to stay booked and busy, and of course, how to get verified.

“It’s really not about having a huge following anymore. It’s about conducting yourself like an online brand and building the kind of engaged audience that has your back, even if it’s just 2,000 people. That’s what matters long-term,” adds Harron-Ally.

Fashion Breed started as one of the very first fashion blogging platforms in South Africa, and Harron-Ally’s love for the positive power social media can have is evident in this eBook as she genuinely drives home messages to grow others in the online world.

“I am so passionate about the digital creative space growing. I want voices to be given to the people, for creatives to be paid, for people to pave their paths, write their own rules, share their passion and earn a living while doing it,” she says.

“The internet is only becoming a bigger part of our lives every day, and so I want to see digital entrepreneurs succeed. There is more than enough for everyone, and now is the time to seize opportunities.”

For more information or to purchase your copy simply click here.

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