Changing the world one dance class at a time

Every music video and every concert have a single common thread that runs between them, dance. We’ve all watched in awe as someone moves perfectly in sync to the rhythm and beats of our favourite songs.

Music feeds the soul and sets your feet ablaze with boundless possibilities. Every moment and every beat allow you to explore movement and sometimes, with a little direction those movements turn into a masterpiece. Delta Webster-Choshi, better known as Delta The Leo, shares her knowledge of dance with youths across various landscapes of South Africa.

Combining her passion for dance with that of children, she continues to give of her time to teach the children at Thusong Youth Centre through her company Live.Learn.Inspire Dreamworks and #ChabaRebone movement. Each class is not simply a lesson in dance but is a holistic approach to life focusing on good health, building character and confidence, team spirit and hard work. Mentored by Delta and business-partner Sherole Webster-Choshi and various guests, the two hope to help each child envision and begin to pave the way to a future that not only sees them being academically groomed but well-rounded young adults. “The aim is for us is to give each of these talented children the tools to follow their dreams and instill in them the belief that their dreams are valid,” says Sherole of their passion for the Thusong Youth Centre.

#ChabaRebone has become more than just Delta The Leo’s latest single; it has given rise to a movement that aims to have people exude their talent (wherever it lies) and show it off for the world to see. “Giving every person who enters the class the room to be their truest selves without care or concern for the opinions of others, for me is a blessing. Helping them find their inner confidence is an experience I cherish as I get to watch them blossom weekly,” says Delta. “The most heart-breaking part of getting to know each of these individuals is to learn that often they attend class on an empty stomach as this is often their only option.”

Thusong Youth Centre could really use your help. If you have cleared out your closet recently or can donate food to assist in providing towards meals, your assistance would be most appreciated. Please contact for more details.

Join the #ChabaRebone dance workshops:

Every Saturday morning from 11:00 – 14:00 Thusong Youth Centre in Alexandra. All are welcome; young or old, professional and non-professional dancers.