Changing the way in which we teach and learn in SA Schools / Official launch of School Radio on the Go

How do we take what is being taught and learnt in schools, harness technology, and give the pupils a real world experience that prepares them to live and function in the age of technology, as opposed to carrying on teaching them as if we live in the age of industrialisation?

Teachers are increasingly being asked “how are you preparing your pupils for the 21st century”. What a pertinent question that begs others in order to fully comprehend an answer:

  • What are children/school-leavers lacking when they leave the hallowed halls of our educational establishments?
  • What skills are actually needed in this 21st century where we all find ourselves? 
  • Is what we teach relevant? 
  • How is it relevant? 
  • How do we grow confidence, foster collaboration and develop communication skills – all which are vital to be part of the real working world today.

Industry innovators and creative disruptors Go Radio ( have developed a complete radio package in a box that is aimed directly at schools to get setup and opening their own online radio station – within almost every schools budget, so long as the school has a stable internet connection.

Ingrid von Stein, Head of School Radio at Go Radio says “as radio experts, especially in the online arena it was a natural progression of our offering to market to create a specific and very cost effective package for schools. We had also experienced the disconnect of what kids were learning as part of the syllabus and how it was relevant to the world we currently live in and how they could actually implement what they were learning into a real world experience”.

It was more than just trying to create a complete radio package in a single box for Go Radio – they really wanted to connect to teachers and pupils on the ground and get their input on the product and project. Go Radio approached Cannons Creek Independent School (based in Cape Town) with the concept and principal Mike van Haght literally jumped up in his seat and said “yes, yes, yes……..this is a real way to work with teachers, pupils, the curriculum and bring it all to life in a real world scenario of online radio”.

Van Haght went on to say; “we are so proud to be the first school radio station in South Africa and as the school’s radio slogan says………the playground today of tomorrow’s creative problem solvers, we have launched Cannons Creek Radio ( Together with Go Radio we are changing the way in which pupils and teachers teach and learn, and the journey is going to be one of growth and development. We look forward to sharing what we have learnt/will learn with other schools. Someone has to be first and we gladly have taking the first step into the future”.

Contact – Ingrid von Stein / 063 002 5148 /