Boss Dog Food Encourages Adoption For Life

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Boss Dog Food encourages adoption for life this festive season with a second #BigOnRescue campaign.

For the majority of South Africans, the festive season is a time of relaxation, joy and reconnecting with loved ones. However, according to animal welfare societies in South Africa, it is notoriously a time where more animals than normal are admitted to these facilities. 

This is due to a number of reasons which include owners being unable to afford kennel fees, pets being an unwanted after the Christmas periods or due to negligence as owners are simply too busy to take care of them when they go on holiday. 

In answer to this, Boss Dog Food has once again partnered with award-winning photographer and ‘Mutts’ author Emma O’Brien and Sandton SPCA to drive the message of adoption over the buying of pets, as well as to raise awareness of the increased need for support over the festive season, through its #BigOnRescue campaign. It is the second round of the campaign, which follows from the success of the previous adoption drive where all the dogs were adopted to happy homes.

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The earlier drive involved dogs being photographed and promoted via the social media channels of Boss Dog Food, O Brien and Sandton SPCA, to create awareness around abandoned pets, and with every dog adopted from this series, Boss Dog Food donated a month’s worth of dog food as well as food directly to the SPCA.

“The festive season is the most difficult time of the year for animal shelters around the country. Not only do they see an increased number of stray and surrendered animals enter their doors, but they also witness the hardship these animals face.

“It was important for us to again embark on our #BigonRescue drive to create awareness around the plight of animals over the festive season as well as the increased pressure on shelters, such as the Sandton SPCA, says Neil Meyer, Marketing Manager at Boss Dog Food. 

The continued collaboration with O’Brien will also shine a light on the incredible work that the Sandton SPCA does and other animal welfare organizations do, particularly over the festive season. 

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“In a time that should be spent with family and friends, they work tirelessly to ensure that all the animals in kennels are cared for, and the necessary assistance is given to stray animals that require help,” adds Meyer.

Dog lover, O’Brien, adds that she is excited to lend her talents to the campaign once again.

“I’m thrilled to be collaborating with BOSS again! Promoting shelter dog adoption is a cause I’m very passionate about and to be working with a brand that feels the same is wonderful. Christmas time is always tough for animal shelters as they get an influx of unwanted animals over the holiday season. The more that can be done to highlight this and encourage adoption, the better.”

“When you adopt a pet, you are not only saving a loving animal and giving them a second chance at life by making them part of your family, you are also opening up shelter space for another animal who might desperately need it. If you are considering adopting over the festive season, remember that it is for life and not just for Christmas,” concludes Meyer. 

If you are interested in adopting any of the dogs in this series or to view others available, go to

To view the portraits, visit Boss Dog Food, Emma O’Brien and the Sandton SPCA’s social channels listed below.

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