Blinds & Shutters A More Hygienic Approach To Curtains

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Consumers are looking for ways to improve their overall standard of living, from following stricter health and safety measures to making various adjustments to their daily lives. People are even looking within their homes for ways to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria – some of which have not been given a second thought before now.

Many brands have risen to the occasion, from fashion brands making designer masks to health brands starting campaigns, spreading awareness, and introducing new products and services to the market. Antimicrobial products are flying off the shelves as many brands, retailers and manufacturers are introducing products with added health and hygiene features. Even additions like blinds and shutters in place of curtains, which was, in the past, based purely on affordability and aesthetics, has now taken on a new role as more hygienic and safe options.

A fancy word with a basic concept

While the term ‘antimicrobial’ doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, the concept is quite simple and exciting. Antimicrobial products are products designed to kill or slow the spread of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi like mold and mildew.

Everyday antimicrobial products within the home include cleaning products like soaps and detergents, window cleaners, hand lotions, and sanitizers, toothpaste, garbage bags, and surface sprays, as well as textiles and carpet underlays and window treatments like blinds and shutters, to name a few.

The open and shut case of blinds & shutters versus curtains

Curtains remain a popular option for homeowners, but a lot can be said about the health and hygiene benefits of blinds and shutters. Without the hassle of having to take them off the window to wash, they are easier to clean than curtains and offer superior convenience and cleanliness. Just dusting your blinds or shutters a few times a month is all it takes.

Curtains also do not offer as much privacy or light control as blinds or shutters, and keeping them clean can be quite a cumbersome affair. In comparison, blinds and shutters can be easily adjusted to your desired privacy and light requirements. They’re also easy to clean with no maintenance at all.

Smart solutions that fuse style with safety

Advancements in blind and shutter technology also mean that brands like Taylor Blinds and Shutters can introduce smart solutions that fuse style with safety. The Roller Screen Protect Blinds are a good option with 100% transparent with a 0% chance of infiltration. These products are designed with antimicrobial fibres and offer a sleek and sophisticated safeguard against contamination, making it one of the safest products on the market.

What’s more, they are easy to transition, provide natural light, are easy-to-clean, easy to erect and easy to motorise. This means that there is no need to even touch the blinds as it is automatic and can be adjusted using a remote, adding a safe, hygienic and convenient aspect to the product.

Some of the antimicrobial products available include the following:
  • Roller Blinds Screen Protect – Because of its antimicrobial properties, this sleek and stylish screen safeguards against contamination, making it arguably one of the safest products of its kind on the market. Again, they’re easy-to-clean, easy to erect, and as an added hygiene benefit, are easy to motorize.

    With no need to touch any part of the blind, not even the pull cord, these blinds are perfectly suited to these challenging times and are a great solution to health and safety precautions. There is also the option to swap out the screen protector with another antimicrobial fabric or blind fabric, making it easy to chop and change according to your needs.
  • V-Range Fabric – This fabric offers 100% Blockout without the PVC backing, making it suitable for roller, panel, and vertical blinds. The PVC-free fabric has an acrylic coating, which has anti-fade and anti-fungi properties. What’s more, the material is given the antimicrobial treatment, is fire resistant and lead-free, making it a great option for the health and hygiene conscious among us.
  • C-Screen Fabric – This transparent screen fabric is a simple and practical option and a must-have for every functional collection. The thin material has antimicrobial properties, is flame retardant, bacterial, and fungal resistant, and is good for UV control. It is also suitable for moist conditions and offers glare reduction.
  • Leaf Fabric – This is a delicate screen fabric featuring a unique fern-leaf print that adds a touch of nature to any home. This fabric has plenty of features; it has antimicrobial fabric properties, suited for moist conditions, bacterial and fungi resistant, and flame retardant, among others.
  • Noble Fabric – This robust screen fabric is not only a real eye-catcher but highly effective and versatile for its antimicrobial, glare, and heat reduction and UV control properties. It is also bacterial and fungi resistant, easy to clean, and suitable for moist conditions.

Due to the cleansing properties of these products, antimicrobial-fibre blinds are not only a chic and contemporary option for homeowners but acts as a contaminant-safeguard to match.

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