Aquafresh Recognises Moms As Essential Workers

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Mum is a powerful being. She’s the one who gives it her all, never expecting anything in return. That’s why Aquafresh has created a campaign that recognizes, celebrates, and champions mums as essential workers; whether they’re a single mum, an adoptive mum, a mum with a full family and the does it all in one mum.

A mum might have to provide for and single-handedly raise a family, or raise their children’s children – jobs are limited and food needs to be put on the table. A mum might have to work from home, juggling kids, cleaning, cooking, and her work. A mum in 2020 might have to do all of these things, and still head out into the world, armed with gloves, mask, and sanitizer, because many mums are essential workers too. But they’re not just essential to South Africa.

They’re essential to their families too. And even though these mums have faced these struggles and more, they have still managed to raise incredible children – children that have risen above their circumstances because of the sacrifices that these mums have made. Children can make a difference in the world, because of the power that their mum has passed down.

But mums never really hear the extent of just how powerful they are – they might hear a simple thank you, but they don’t ever hear the deeper thank you that comes directly from the heart of their children.

This is exactly what Aquafresh wants these mums to hear. To bring forward that deep, indescribable gratitude from their kids and the lives they touch. Aquafresh is creating a live-feed of their kids saying their most heartfelt and deepest confessions of love and admiration for their mums; they will be able to see, hear and feel everything that their kids are saying. Bringing it to life meant partnering with influencers, getting them to facetime their mum and tell them exactly how proud of them they are, how much they love and appreciate them.

They’ll encourage the public to do the same, with all those who engage with the campaign standing to win spot prizes, as well as a grand prize at the end of May. Aquafresh knows that mums are powerful beings. It’s time we celebrate them and praise their power. Power to your mum!