Alcohol Is A Non-Essential But ArKay Is Alcohol-Free

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Globally we have all been affected by COVID-19. In South Africa we have seen the lockdown limit purchases of all sorts of products we took for granted, one in particular, was alcohol. There is no way around it, alcohol is a driver in the economy and, although this is contrary to the marketing of alcohol, has no benefit.

Alcohol is used to deal with PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) and other mental issues. Most people who use alcohol as medication here don’t even know they are doing it. Most of them just accept it as a reality to deal with life. Overconsumption, which is far more common than regulated use, causes widespread damage within the body.

Alcohol abuse is linked to health issues causing the deaths of 3,000,000 people annually and up to 75% of those are males. Because of this, the temporary ban on alcohol that was issued last month was something some celebrated. However, it saw a rise in domestic violence and that is not uncommon. One thing we must be aware of is options. Without options when we take alcohol away people feel lost. That means we must find, and promote, options that are alcohol-free.

Alcohol gives a person something to do, a way to pass time with friends. This is more than a ritual; it is a life practice. Introducing an option that both allows for the practice to continue and keeps us sober will help guide South Africa into the future.

ArKay, which is currently looking for distributors in RSA, is that alternative. As an alcohol-free option with over 30 varieties, each which taste exactly like its alcoholic counterparts, and fills the gap where soda and juice just fall sort. Adults require more than a sugar-based beverage especially when eating rich foods, or spending time talking over the day with friends. ArKay has never been distilled and promotes hydration and is made with 100% spring water.

Having been sold on the market since 2011 ArKay is the global leader in the alcohol alternative market and shows no sign of slowing. Here in South Africa ArKay is looking to partner with a distributor who is looking to grow and add an alcohol-free option.

So many people are in need of knowing that an option exists and with ArKay that option is closer than we could have imagined.