Achieve Wellness Through Lifestyle Rather Than A Diet

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Matumelane Peter, a 36-year-old Limpopo born and raised Sales and Marketing Officer joined Wellness Coach Vatiswa Mavume’s Wellness Programme over three years ago to lose weight and gain her confidence back after years of body shaming says the programme has been exciting, motivating and most of all life-changing.

“After two children, the bond between me, the couch, and the fridge was very tight. Not only was I a couch potato, but I loved the fridge and all it contained was sugary treats and junk food”, says Mrs. Peter. Mrs. Peter was formally introduced to Wellness Coach Vatiswa Mavume’s programme by her husband who was beginning to get worried about his couch potato wife who then weighed over 115kg.

Although Matumelane Peter was skeptical about the programme in the beginning, it was Wellness Coach Vatiswa Mavume’s motivation that saw her through and she could not disappoint her husband who went and purchased healthy and nutritious foods to be able to accommodate her wellness journey.

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Over the past few years, Mrs Peter has been on a strict recommended wellness eating plan which consists of two meal replacement shakes, two snacks and one colourful meal. Matumelane Peter says, “I use the list of recommended nutritious foods which was provided to me by Wellness Coach Vatiswa Mavume.”

Wellness Coach Vatiswa Mavume says, “Working with Matumelane Peter has been nothing short of amazing. She has been consistent and disciplined while motivating others in my team.”

Matumelane Peter has lost over 20kg, gained her confidence back, and is now comfortable in her skin and body size. She says she feels amazing as she received more than she bargained for. Before the programme, she hated any kind of exercise, now she leads a healthy active lifestyle.

Matumelane continues to lead a healthy active lifestyle as Wellness Coach Vatiswa Mavume’s programme is not a diet or quick weight loss programme, it is all about the lifestyle. She recommends achieving wellness goals through a lifestyle rather than a diet as diets have an ending, healthy lifestyles don’t.

The now 20kg lighter Matumelane says she has stayed on the programme due to Wellness Coach Vatiswa Mavume’s constant support, inspiration, and the community she has been exposed to since joining the programme. This has helped her become the best version of herself not only through physical appearance but also through her mind, body, and soul.

“I love the person I am now and it gives me the strength to push more even on bad days because I know I can achieve more”, adds Mrs. Peter. She has also learned that health is wealth, it’s more about being healthy than looking good at the stage she is now after having lost all that weight.

Mrs. Peter would like to advise everyone who would like to go on a wellness journey to start where they are and with what they have. Start even when in doubt, surround yourself with people that will believe in you more than you believe in yourself. Trust the process and be patient with yourself because this is a process of unlearning bad eating habits and it’s a journey that will set you free for life.