A whole new flavour for Whisky & Gin Live Celebrations

It’s Whisky Live with a whole new flavour! That’s the all new gin flavors
that, for the first time, will be making an appearance at the Whisky & Gin
Live Celebrations at the 2019 Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban events. It’s a
brand-new look, layout and offering that will appeal to the whisky
connoisseur, the new emerging whisky drinker and to the gin lover.

Whisky & Gin Live is a bold concept that’s new, hip and happening! Gin has
never been cooler and has become an extremely popular drink especially as
independent gin-makers put their own stamp on the market. Keeping abreast of
these changes and being cognisant of the changing profile of today’s whisky
drinker has led to the concept of localised Whisky & Gin Live Celebrations.

In addition to a younger focus, the three Celebration events will have a
much more open layout, more accessible and social areas, trendy food trucks,
live entertainment from various performers throughout the night, with
premium and popular whisky and, for the first time, gin exhibitors making a
strong appearance at these events.

“The perception that the whisky market is dominated by an older profile is
no longer relevant,” says Whisky Live CEO Ken Varejes. “South Africa’s
whisky consumers are a healthy cross section of ages and races but the most
noticeable new sippers are young hip women who are wanting to explore their
new attraction to whisky.”

Event organiser Michelle Kirby says internationally, women are featuring as
strong whisky purchasers. “Forbes recently reported on two ladies, Becky
Paskin and Georgie Bell, who just ahead of International Women’s Day,
launched their own awareness campaign of female whisky drinkers in the
States and the movement is growing to include younger consumers.” 

“We present the all new Whisky & Gin Live Celebrations at Cape Town 2, 3 and
4 May at the Lookout, Pretoria 30, 31 May and 01 June at Menlyn Mall and
Durban 13, 14 and 15 June at Suncoast Casino,” concludes Varejes.

Tickets are available at TicketPro
https://www.ticketpros.co.za/portal/web/index.php/parent_event from R260
online or R290 at the door.