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So the global lockdowns mean the world is falling down around you, and at the least, the business has taken a few staggers backward. The only solution is to get yourself moving again, and get out and find that business.

You know how to do this… even if you are starting from scratch again. You know what it’s going to take to get the momentum going again… even if you are going in a completely different direction this time. You know what you need to do… well, kind of… but you have no idea where to start. You need to get your head straight.

You need something to help you think about your business in a new way: to help you re-envision your offering; to help you reimagine what you can sustainably do in light of this brave new world we are facing.

Usually, you’d get hold of a coach or your marketing agency and do a strategy session – as you do at the beginning of the year. And anyway, you wouldn’t even know where to start doing all that stuff on your own.

That’s where the Mission Statement & Elevator Speech Generator Resource steps in… it’s like a long strategy session packed into a digital tool. The resource contains:

  1. Mission Statement Generator
  2. High Energy Values Generator
  3. Competitor Values Comparison
  4. Define Your Brand Identity Tool
  5. Define Your Ideal Client Tool
  6. Brand Identity vs Ideal Client Comparison
  7. Elevator Speech Creator Tool
  8. SWOT Analysis Tool
  9. Brand Colour Chooser, with Values by Colour Choice
  10. Baseline Marketing Pack Choices

The Mission Statement & Elevator Speech Generator Resource will enable you to generate a whole range of necessary business and marketing materials, AND give you a fun interactive way to focus your mind while you go through the process of hatching your next business success…. because that v-shaped recovery CAN be a reality for you.

Each tool takes you step-by-step through the process, and you don’t need to know where to start. Starting points, and extensive examples, have already been populated for you. You’ll also find statement generators, a comprehensive values list (linked to colours!), formulas and structures to follow, and interactive playgrounds.

1. Mission Statement = Vision + Purpose Statement

Starting with an easy-to-follow formula, and statement generators in key areas, based on the 30 Customer Values, you will be able to craft a Mission Statement that represents you and carries meaning for your business’s future. Statement Snippets have been crafted by a Senior Business Copywriter, and all you have to do is play with the sliders until you find something that you like. It really is designed with no starting point needed.

Generate statements and statement snippets using the 30 Customer Values. Play with, and reconfigure, statements and snippets, while following an easy-to-understand formula. The formula is explained in a page full of examples, and you’ll see how that formula can be applied to every great Mission Statement you’ve ever heard.

2. High Energy Values Generator

The High Energy Values Generator gives you a comprehensive list of the complete Power Patterns, both high and low, as well as a list of synonyms. This gives you a great starting point, and makes sure you don’t land up with the same few values as everyone else has! You know it happens 😉

Power Patterns were defined by Sir David Hawkins, during his extensive research into the field of kinesiology. These are the highest vibration values, as agreed by people around the world. Think of it like Pantone for feelings and values: a list that tells you what almost everyone perceives.

3. Competitor Values Comparison

Compare yourself to a competitor, or company you aspire to be like, and identify which values you share, and where you differ. This gives you a really effective place to start when changing or improving yourself or your organisation – and tells you what you need to look at changing about your practices.

4 & 5. Define Your Brand Identity & Ideal Client Tools

Define your brand identity, and ideal client, using an interactive character & dress up tool, and by answering a series of guided questions. These questions will give you all sorts of insight, like where to focus your marketing budget, what media to consider, alternate avenues and venues for marketing, key messaging elements to zero in on, and so much more.

6. Compare Your Ideal Client to Your Brand Identity

Compare Your Ideal Client to Your Brand Identity and understand where these two talk to each other, where they’re compatible, where they totally miss the mark, and so much more that will help clarify HOW you need to structure your marketing, in order to more effectively reach your target market.

7. Elevator Speech Creator Tool

The Elevator Speech Generator Tool once again starts you with a formula and examples and then allows you to generate statement snippets. From here, you can use the compiler playgrounds to play until you find the perfect speech. After that, there a timer and video record function that will allow you to practice until your delivery are perfect.

8. SWOT Analysis Tool

Define, and understand, your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, using our SWOT Analysis Tool.

9. Brand Colour Chooser

Use the brand colour chooser resource to make an educated decision about colours, taking into the meanings and values people associate with them. Choose your colours based not the meanings associated with them, and create a striking image for your business and brand. In addition, you will find a variety of colour combinations or palettes, as well as a playground where you can select a colour palette.

10. Your Baseline Marketing Pack

The Baseline Marketing Pack is all the important foundational choices you need to make for your business or brand, like typefaces, and look and feel, and can make a really big difference when you need to convey a tone to a designer, creative, or agency. Especially in a world where so many of us will be working from home now.

Completely Free To Use!

You will NOT require an account or a login. You will not need to provide an email address or credit card details. Nothing will be emailed to you, and none of your info will ever cross the Internet.

These are not sample or trial versions of the apps; they won’t stop working before you can generate and save your results, and you will not suddenly be required to pay for anything. There is also no time limit on the apps.

There is no catch, honestly.

People need help, especially at a time like this. So all the apps on the https://lifecoachestoolbox.com website are always up for free, for people to use, whenever they need help.