6 Hair Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Is it true that if you cut your hair it will grow back faster? Should you avoid washing your hair every day or skip the conditioner if your hair is greasy? Here are the hair myths you need to stop believing…

Myth 1: You shouldn’t wash your hair every day

Only hair that is regularly, and heavily heat-styled, needs to be washed occasionally – and this is just to limit the number of days per week you use extreme heat on your hair.

If you air dry or rough dry your hair, it’s perfectly fine to wash it every day.

Myth 2: You must trim your hair every 6-8 weeks

If your hair is healthy, there is no need to cut the ends off so frequently, unless you are maintaining a short style. Healthy, strong hair can actually go five to six months without a cut.So decide for yourself, depending on the condition of your hair, how often you need a trim.

Myth 3: Buy every product in a range to maintain a style

If your hair is cut properly, it should hold its shape without the need for multiple products.

So don’t be fooled into walking out of the salon with a bag full of products you didn’t think you needed. Ask which one or two products are the most necessary for your cut and stick with those.

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Myth 4: Never cut your hair yourself

If your locks are one length, or you have a fringe that needs almost weekly maintenance, snipping the ends yourself won’t hurt. Invest in a good pair of hair scissors and only trim off the very end.

Never attempt to cut your hair into a style by yourself, this is definitely best left to the pros.

Myth 5: Regular trims will make your hair grow faster

Regular trims will keep the hair in great condition, but won’t result in faster growth.

If you are trying to grow your hair, the only benefit to frequent snips is that split ends won’t have the chance to travel up your locks, meaning you won’t need to cut very far up to remove damaged strands.

So ultimately, a regular trim will always mean healthier hair, just not long hair.

Myth 6: If you have oily hair, don’t use conditioner

Greasy hair is not caused by conditioners. Your hair gets oily when too much sebum is produced. If you have oily hair, use a clarifying shampoo and only apply conditioner to your ends.