Audi Freeway Plan Offers Relief During Uncertain Times

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  • The standard Audi Freeway Plan is a comprehensive maintenance and service plan that covers all Audi vehicles for the first 100 000 km or five years
  • The Audi Freeway Plan will offer a 1 month grace period for valid contracts due to expire over the next few months
  • Audi services due during the National Lockdown period will receive a grace period of 1,500 KM or 1 month

All-new Audi vehicles are sold with the Audi Freeway Plan (AFP). This is a comprehensive service and maintenance programme designed to give the customer the best value in terms of peace of mind motoring for the duration of the contract. The AFP eases the bother of budgeting for unexpected service and maintenance expenses and protects all Audi vehicles within its first five years and/or 100 000 kilometers (whichever occurs first).

With an AFP extension, Audi vehicles are then covered for an extended period of 10 years and/or 300 000 kilometers. Audi realizes the uncertain circumstances currently facing Audi drivers and has implemented the following measures as an effort of relief during this time.

Convenience and ease

The Audi Freeway Plan and Freeway Plan extension will continue its offering of peace-of-mind motoring by extending any contracts expiring between the period: 25 March to 30 September 2020 (both days inclusive), by including a complementary and additional month to the plan.

In addition to this, any services needed to be performed as part of the time and/or mileage intervals included in the Audi Freeway Plan and Freeway Plan extension parameters, will be granted a grace period of 1 month and/or 1,500 kilometers. Audi hopes that this will bring some sort of relief, convenience and ease to our customers and Audi drivers during this time.

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