New Jack Daniel’s Ad Highlights Social Distancing

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The new Jack Daniel’s ad, ‘With love, Jack’, leans into what most consumers are currently facing: Social Distancing.

“Showcasing how our friends around the world are rallying and uniting together during these times was our goal,” said Matt Blevins, Jack Daniel’s global brand director. “It was about capturing real moments that are helping folks find social connection, which is something Jack Daniel’s celebrates.”

The ad is emotional yet unifying at the same time. With families, friends, and even colleagues connecting over video calls, consumers can identify with the scenes.

The video was created from user-generated footage of real human interactions that were filmed authentically, and safely, from home. It features a new rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors,” which was also recorded from home by the singers featured in the video.

It further highlights how good relationships and regular contact can overcome distance and in this case, social distancing, to celebrate milestones and share in each other’s days.

The ad was created by the brand’s newly appointed global creative agency, Energy BBDO, based in Chicago, USA.

To view the ad, head to YouTube, Jack Daniel’s Facebook page or follow Jack Daniel’s on Instagram.

For more information on Jack Daniel’s, please head to the website.

NB: Your friends at Jack Daniel’s remind you to drink responsibly.