Make Your TV Work For You

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We’re all about instant gratification. Seated at a restaurant? We want our cocktails straight away. Meeting at 10:00 am and it hasn’t started by 10:02 am? We get antsy. And resuming your favourite Netflix series only for your TV to lag? Well, that’s downright frustrating.

We don’t have time for slow technology… that’s so pre-2020. With so many of us having worked remotely, or from home, for the last two years, we’ve become accustomed to having access to the outside world at the click of a button. So, now that we’re slowly getting into our ‘new normal’ why should our desire for instant gratification change? “Well, it shouldn’t,” says brand manager for high-end television brand SKYWORTH, Jaco Joubert. “Touted by professionals as the year of the Android TV, SKYWORTH’s Android TV offering, the first of its kind in South Africa, makes it easier to get more from your TV.”

Going beyond entertainment, smart TVs have functionality that extends to education, productivity, home automation, fitness, mental health, and much more. Joubert explains the ways you can make your TV work for you:

Get fit

TV doesn’t equal couch potato. If you missed last year’s ‘summer bodies are made in winter’ push, don’t fret. Start now! Your SKYWORTH TV has a selection of fitness related apps that offer streamed classes and fitness advice. Simply searching for ‘fitness’ in your TV’s app store will pull up plenty of workout options. A popular favourite is Peloton.

Work it

Tired, sore eyes? You’ve probably been working and looking at that small laptop screen of yours for far too long. Change it up and work from TV.  SKYWORTH’s most premium model, the OLED SXC9800’s built-in Chromecast will allow you to cast wirelessly to your TV using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. AirPlay support is also available, and with it, you can mirror your iPhone or Mac on the TV screen. Even without an app for casting or mirroring your laptop on the bigger screen, you have the option of connecting to a TV over HDMI and using your TV as a larger monitor for more productive work.


Zoom meeting coming up? Or a virtual family reunion? Cast your computer, phone, or tablet to your TV, and it will feel like they are in the room with you. Place your camera device in front of the TV so that you can face everyone.


Ask Google and you shall receive. What does this mean? It means controlling the lighting in your house with a command, checking the camera feed from your video doorbell or home security camera, turn the power on or off a smart plug, unlock the front door with a smart lock, and even open and close the garage door. Nowadays, with so many smart appliances in our homes, you can also find plenty of refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers with smart features that can all be linked to your TV, making it the centre of your smart home.

Get cooking

While cooking shows have been a staple of TV programming for as long as TVs have been in people’s homes, smart TVs offer a lot of useful features for any amateur chef. Using Google Assistant, you can ask for nutritional information or even recipe recommendations, complete with step-by-step instructions. You can also find substitute ingredients, add ingredients to your grocery list, set reminders to use things before they expire, and set timers so that you don’t overcook anything. Plus, you can control smart kitchen appliances, letting you start preheating the oven even before you get off the couch. Some great foodie apps include Bon Appétit, Food Network Kitchen, and Kitchen Stories.

For more information on SKYWORTH visit their website