Get Your Gin On With Hendricks Gin Cocktails

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Celebrate World Cucumber Day with these three Hendricks Gin cocktails. Gin is becoming more and more popular, here we put together some simple serving options to take it to another dimension. You don’t need any fancy equipment for this speedy Hendricks gin cocktail.

The key to making drinks is the balance between sweet and sour/bitter. Try not to let one element overpower the other. Taste your drinks before you serve to make sure they’re wonderful. If serving over ice, fill your glass to the top. Ensure your garnish is fresh. Remember that we drink in three steps, with our eyes first, then with our nose and finally with our mouth.

Cocktail Ingredients

You’ll need:
Lots of ice
A big copa glass (a large, balloon-shaped glass)
Natural tonic water
Your favourite cucumber styled garnish

You’ll need:
40ml Hendricks gin
20ml sugar syrup
20ml lemon juice
10ml crème de mure
Berries or lemon zest, for garnish

Take a large measure of dry gin and shake together with the lemon and sugar syrup, pour over crushed ice and drizzle the crème de mure through the drink. Garnish with a lemon zest or some fresh seasonal berries.

I personally recommend the Hendricks Midsummer Solstice for a true party pleaser.

You’ll need:
50ml Hendricks gin,
20ml lime
15ml sugar syrup,
6-8 mint leaves.

Drop the gin, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup, and the mint leaves into your shaker then get your arms moving. Fine-strain it into a posh martini glass that’s been chilled. Hold the ice. Garnish with one slapped mint leaf.

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