Namola Safety App Adds COVID-19 Support Tools

namola safety app
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South Africa – As the nation enters its second week of lockdown, Namola — South Africa’s leading safety app — continues to serve users in getting 24-hour emergency response. Namola’s latest update adds free COVID-19 support tools to the app.

“As a safety app for all South Africans, we consider it our duty to provide easy access to accurate and reliable information and support tools during the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Peter Matthaei, CEO of Namola.

Namola app users can now see the latest case statistics, access important helplines, read the latest news and sign up to receive COVID-19 alerts.

“We are concerned that domestic violence may increase over the 21-day lockdown, and that loneliness and feelings of uncertainty may impact many people’s mental health. We encourage our fellow South Africans to access important services such as the Domestic Abuse hotline, Childline and a Mental Health hotline through the Namola app if they need additional support,” says Matthaei. “Additionally, Namola’s Response Centre team remains available 24/7 to deal with any emergencies. We are deeply grateful to all first responders and emergency operators for their fearless and untiring work during this time.”

All Namola users will continue to have free access to public emergency services such as police, fire & rescue and government ambulances, around the clock, through the Namola app during the national lockdown.

In addition, Namola has discounted its optional Namola Plus upgrade from R49 to R39 a month* for both new and current members. Namola Plus lets users access Private Armed Response and Private Emergency Medicals at the push of a button through the Namola app. New members even get their first month of Namola Plus completely free.

“We want to ensure that all South Africans stay safe while South Africa is in a state of disaster, especially if they don’t yet have access to private security,” said Matthaei.

Watch this video on how the COVID-19 support portal works. 

If you want additional protection and peace-of-mind during the lockdown and aren’t a Namola Plus member yet, you can upgrade using this link or upgrade inside the Namola app. The Namola safety app is available as a free download for iPhone and Android.

*Terms and Conditions apply