Trendy Plants To Bring Life To Your Home

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Aloe vera

Having plants in the home has always been an interior design recommendation. However, there’s been quite an explosion of people choosing to become ‘plant parents,’ a trend which can partly be attributed to the Millennial generation’s fascination with plants. Perhaps you’ve decided to try out gardening as a new hobby, or maybe you’re already a plant parent that’s looking to add to their indoor plant collection — whatever your current plant parent status — have a look at these really trendy plants that can bring new-found energy into your home:

1. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a plant with healing properties and many people grow it in their homes because of this. You’ve probably seen many beauty products that contain aloe vera, which is a testament to how beneficial this plant actually is. Having this plant in your home will come in handy for those irritating spots on your face, burns, and the promotion of oral and digestive health, and many more. You definitely won’t have to run to the pharmacy as much!

An added benefit of having aloe vera in your home is that this plant purifies the air by removing toxins like benzene and formaldehyde.

Also, aloe vera just looks aesthetically pleasing to have in your home.

2. Ferns
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Like aloe vera, ferns are also great for clearing the air of any toxins. They’re also commonly used as a food source in many countries as they contain vitamins A, and C, as well as potassium, phosphorous, and calcium.

Ferns also bring great energy into a space and are a great plant to decorate your home with.

3. Chinese evergreen
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If you’re looking to be more productive in your home, you should definitely think about adding the Chinese evergreen to your plant collection. Chinese evergreens are air-purifying as well, which results in the creation of oxygen and therefore increased wellbeing and productivity. After all, what’s going to bring more life into your home like oxygen?

4. Snake plant
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Are you prone to allergies? The snake plant might just be the answer to your sniffly woes. This plant is known to defend against allergies through releasing oxygen and adding moisture into the air, which helps eliminate dust and other particles that contribute to allergic reactions.

5. Monstera Deliciosa
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If the air in your home is dry, one way you can increase humidity levels is by adding a Monstera Deliciosa. These plants are known for creating humidity and are also great for purifying the air.

Added to this, this plant’s split leaves are a great way to beautify your home as well as bring life into it. Consider planting any one of the five plants above to bring new-found energy into your home.

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