Stylish Decluttering Solutions For The Season

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Did you know that clutter produces high levels of cortisol, a stress hormone which causes anxiety and depression? What’s more, people who sleep in cluttered rooms are more likely to experience sleep problems, including difficulty falling asleep and being disturbed during the night. With autumn leaves falling from trees, now’s the perfect time to take inspiration from the season and declutter your home.

“Decluttering is not only good for mind and body, it can also help maximise your living space too,” says Tim Harris, Founder of TimHarris Design – a design-focussed, client-centric, creative studio offering bespoke solutions to individuals and brands in the disciplines of spatial, furniture and graphic design.

He shares some stylish suggestions to help you declutter:

Make every piece count.
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Opt for fewer furnishings but select those that offer maximal functionality, for instance, a bike rack that doubles as an art piece.

Use strategic storage.
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One of the best ways to control clutter is by using storage solutions. Open shelves for example are a great incentive for keeping things clean and clutter-free. Additionally, modular shelving offers versatility, letting you create configurations that best suit your space, style, and needs.

Wall-mounted furniture.
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Keep floorspace clear with wall-mounted furnishings.

Keep clothing on display.
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Not only will this help you learn which items you love, but you will also soon discover which pieces to donate or throw away. An open wardrobe can also serve as a chic feature for your bedroom.

“With a few smart solutions, a clutter-free home can be a cinch!” concludes Harris.

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