Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Outdoor Furniture This Summer

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Braais, sport matches in the garden and lounging by the pool – summer is here. No more entertaining inside, it is time to bring the fun into the sun.

“After a long winter, this is the perfect time to uncover or unpack your outside furniture and give it the spring clean it deserves,” comments Bronwyn Ragavan, brand manager for Milton. She explains that after being in storage or left outside to brave the winter elements, our outdoor furniture needs TLC before guests can be invited over.

In our eagerness to shake off winter and start entertaining, we may choose to bring out the outdoor furniture and use just as is, but Ragavan suggests the following cleaning and maintenance steps before the invitations go out:

  1. When outdoor furniture is taken out for use at the beginning of summer check each item for damage. If there are broken hinges, loose screws or chips see if there is a way to fix all of these before moving onto the next step. Debris left over from winter can also damage the furniture and erode the protective layer making it abrasive. This must be removed and assessed before use.
  2. Once you have made the necessary repairs, start cleaning your furniture. Warm water and gentle soap can rid the furniture of any dirt. Finish off with Milton’s Sterilising Spray to rid your outdoor furniture of all germs accumulated over winter. This sterilising spray can rid up to 99.9% of known germs and is a brilliant way to start the summer season.
  3. During the colder months pests or rodents can create warm nests inside your furniture. Look for any holes or signs that you may have some unwanted residents and be sure to remove them before carrying on.
  4. Once your outdoor furniture is mended, inspected and cleaned, decorate with accessories such as pillows and throws to make them stand out for when your guests arrive. Bright colours and patterns in an outside setting always look beautiful.
  5. When you have finished with your furniture, turn your attention to your braai. After a long winter your braai will need to be scrubbed and cleaned, removing all remaining food and ash from last summer. Chemico Paste Cleen is the perfect braai cleaning companion and removes dirt quick and easy. Also, inspect your braai for any holes that need to be mended and make sure to have enough coal, wood or gas for your party.
  6. If you have potted plants around your entertainment area, check the pots for any cracks, and prune and water your plants. If you don’t, consider getting some to liven up the area and bring summer to your entertainment area.

These six steps are the basis to what makes an outdoor entertainment area inviting and functional during summer. By looking after your entertainment area and its furniture, you will have somewhere to look forward to entertaining during the warmer months. Cleaning, mending and inspecting your furniture before use will also prolong the life of these items. 

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