My Mixer And Me – A Love Affair Between Your Kitchen, It’s Taps And It’s Sink

A love affair between a kitchen, its taps and its sinks. Finding the perfect tap or sink for your kitchen is not as cut and dry as you may believe. Every kitchen has its own unique personality, its own sense of self. Your taps and sinks need to reflect that personality.

At the same time, the kitchen is a body. The design is its figure, the shelves are its shoulders, the sinks are its arms and the taps are its hands.

The real trick to creating the perfect kitchen is in finding parts that fit together seamlessly. A bit like a Doctor Frankenstein. But with a far more beautiful monster. The Style One of 2019’s most popular kitchen style is the ‘Neolith’.

This style is dominated by streaked marble counters and finishes, porcelain décor and white cabinets. The Neolith also features a pristine island in the middle of the open-plan.

The Perfect Fit

The Sink The S51 -F660 is going to be the perfect fit for this style of kitchen. It’s a big sink; big enough to fit all of the empty gin glasses when your dinner party is over, and the kitchen needs to return to its glowing state.

The concrete grey finish will slightly offset the white style, but not enough to detract, instead adding a tiny bit of solid colour which will make the marble ‘pop’ that little bit more. The Tap The Talis S 200 with the pull-out spray option is going to complete this ensemble.

Done in a stunning chrome finish, the sleek design and practicality make the Talis S a true podium finisher in the tap world. With the pull-out spout option, you lend pragmatism to style.

The Talis S is also made with Eco-Smart technology, meaning that you save water, energy, money and the environment every time you turn the faucet!

The Style Another new age trend moves completely away from ‘Neolith’ and instead embraces ‘Modern Chrome’ as an entire style. This open-plan kitchen features grey concrete flooring, flat-panel cabinets of white or grey and stainless-steel appliances and finishes.

The Sink The S71 370/370 is the obvious choice. With a stainless-steel finish, this is a double-sink built into what would be a chrome counter top. The double sink allows for the classic wash-and-rinse methodology of the contemporary couple, while giving enough space for the owners to achieve all of their sink needs.

The Tap The Decor 280 is the tap of choice for this style. Coming in a beautiful chrome finish, the Decor is simple, elegant and practical – like a modern-day Marilyn Monroe; but if she was President.

Featuring Hansgrohe’s Eco-Smart technology, this tap is another which will increase your savings immensely. The Total Package There you have it; two shining examples of making the right choice for your kitchen’s proverbial body. Of course, with Hansgrohe’s incredible range of sinks and taps, the possibilities for the perfect kitchen might well be endless. hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water.