Kick-off 2020 In Style – With Hansgrohe’s Top-Performing Products!

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As we excitedly stride into a new decade, we pay tribute to a few of the best Hansgrohe products from the last ten years. The German manufacturer from Black Forest has continued to uphold their commitment to a world of pleasurable bathrooms, practical kitchens and innovative products which “wow” the world.  

In the Shower

PowderRain has been nothing short of an international sensation. The jet type, released by Hansgrohe in 2017, hit the market to a thunderous reception, integrating technology and design into the most sensuous shower experience.  Described as a ‘pampering’ experience, PowderRain lives up to its name by expelling thousands of ultra-fine micro-droplets of water – as gentle as the caress of the wind on your skin.

Close your eyes and let yourself be transported to the magic of the rainforest, as soft misty spray envelopes your body and you experience the most relaxing shower you’ve ever had! The jet comes with a Select button – for ease of spray changes – as well as QuickClean technology so that keeping the limescale away is an absolute breeze.  

In the Bathroom

The new range of Metropol mixers and taps has seen great success for bathroom enthusiasts all over the world over. Released in 2018, the Metropol range redefines clarity with its linear, expressive design; crafted to give off stylish geometric silhouetting to the bathroom. The taps come in a variety of designs for your personal taste, identified by either a flat lever, bow-shaped handle or the Select button.

All the taps come with Comfort Zone so that you can place your tap at the perfect height for your preference.  These taps will look brilliant in any tub and for the shower the Metropol range pairs incredibly well with the Raindance E overhead shower. 

In the Kitchen

The Hansgrohe range of sinks has been a dark horse contender for the top product podium, with its style and practicality. With a massive variety available, the Hansgrohe sinks come in five different sizes, so that you can design your kitchen to pinpoint perfection.

Favoring wide rims and deep basins, the Hansgrohe sinks are designed to complement any kitchen and all mixers – though they look the best next to Hansgrohe products. The elves in the Hansgrohe workshop have guaranteed exceptional quality of a robust nature – sinks which will stand the test of time.  

In the New Year 

With a new year comes new innovations, ideas, designs and technological improvements, all catering for the perfect end-user experience. It’s been a phenomenal decade, but now it’s time to look ahead and see what the challenges of the new decade bring along.  Without a doubt, Hansgrohe will overcome them all.  

Hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water!