Introducing Pontos By Hansgrohe – Because We All Deserve A Higher Quality Of Life

the Pontos® Scout water sensor
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If you were looking for even more proof that Hansgrohe is the environment’s number one supporter, well, you’re in the right place. In the same year that the UK announces its ‘zero carbon by 2050’ goal, Hansgrohe introduces a water management system that is one of the biggest steps toward manageable water consumption in recent memory. The Pontos® system, not yet released in South Africa, will be your best bet against the risk of water damage, potentially saving households, livelihoods, mementos, and heirlooms from irreparable damage.

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The average household uses between 300 and 400 litres of water a day. Showering, bathing, cooking, rinsing and washing laundry are the major culprits; causing water to run on all cylinders in our pipelines.

These pipelines stretch for metres in branches behind our walls. Water damage is a common issue as leaks can occur at any place in these pipelines. The result? Expensive repairs, waterlogged furniture and floors, and possibly the destruction of important, close-to-the-heart items that have been collected over a lifetime.

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Pontos® will help you in two ways. Firstly, the Pontos® Scout water sensor, positioned in key areas around the home and activated through Hansgrohe’s home app, accurately measures humidity and room temperature, warns of frost, detects water leaks and notifies you via an alarm and push notification. In short, it’s your very own water-watching robot, ready to cry wolf! (or water!) when the occasion calls for it. Not only does the Scout diminish the chance for major water damage; it is invaluable in keeping humidity levels stable and getting the temperature right for rooms used in storing food.

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Now meet the Pontos® Base, partner-in-safety to the Scout. This little guy constantly monitors the health of the central water pipe, by continually checking the pipeline’s water consumption. If a leak or some sort of damage is detected, the Base automatically shuts off the water supply and alerts you via your phone, after which you can investigate the issue. If nothing is found, returning the water supply is as simple as clicking a button on the app. The Base measures consumption and water hardness, giving you real-time information that you can use to handle your water usage more responsibly.

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Both the Scout and the Base will be controlled by the Hansgrohe app, making their use after installation an absolute breeze!

More importantly, the ability to monitor and gauge your water usage will allow you to make better decisions about consumption, thereby saving on water costs and energy expenditure; turning your home into that much more of an eco-friendly haven!

The short pitch: with Pontos® by Hansgrohe, you can prevent damage to your home and save the world in one go.

Welcome to the future.