How To Make Your Home Stylish For Less

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Achieving the unique and aesthetic look that you’ve been saving on Pinterest while managing to keep your wallet from emptying isn’t impossible, but it might require a lot of patience and attention to detail.

Interior design experts at Porcelain Superstore know all about this and have compiled a list of this year’s popular trends and ways to achieve the look in your home without busting the budget.

Stone effect deco

As earthy tones and outdoorsy looks were predicted to be highly in vogue this year, pieces such as sculptural tables, dramatic countertops, and eye-catching backsplashes made from unconventional stones are due to make an appearance in your favourite interior design magazine. But how to get that effect on a budget? Simple, all you’ll need to do is purchase a few rolls of contact paper with your favourite stone or marble design and stick it wherever you’d prefer it: kitchen countertops, coffee tables, and even cabinets!

Organic curves

While in past years geometric patterns were extremely in, this year’s trend shifted in the opposite direction, as curves come back in people’s houses. If you’re a fan of the trend, incorporating curved elements couldn’t be easier: try painting an arch on a wall for a perfect accent detail or, if you feel particularly DIY, you could even try building it around an existing doorway.

Furniture-wise, you could visit your local used goods market and charity shops in search of curved sofas or armchairs, bedframes with sinuous lines, or a particular softer vase.

Granny chic and maximalism

Are you a fan of kitsch prints and bright colours? Then this is definitely your year to shine, as many have observed how the time of minimalism and of clean mid-century modern style might be over.

To achieve the style without breaking the bank you might consider adding a fresh set of bright tiles to your backsplash or covering your living room and hallway walls with a funny wallpaper. Both options can be quite cheap and if choosing stick-on tiles, the update can be renter-friendly and easy to install.

Influence of the natural world

Transforming your house into an indoor garden might make your house worthy of magazine covers, however, fake plants which look authentic can be quite pricey.

To avoid this, the logical solution would be to adopt real plants, which are cheaper but do require maintenance and care: if you’re up to the challenge, the satisfaction of keeping green friends alive is priceless.

To make the job a bit easier and to spread the costs, you might want to do both and hide cheaper faux plants among real ones, which will elevate the whole setting.

The perfect lighting

Lastly, another element which is in vogue this year and that you might want to incorporate without spending too much is a chandelier.

Big, noisy chandeliers are currently the trend and we’re all aware of just how much those might cost, but fear not because there are cheaper solutions. First, you might want to hit your goodwill and charity shops once again in the hope of finding a great piece. However, if you’re more impatient than that DIY might also be a solution: there are tons of inspo and tutorials online that are easy to follow and that will help you create your own unique piece without breaking the bank!

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