Hansgrohe’s Delicious Mixers And Sinks

Sample from the best in sanitary ‘CUISINE’ with Hansgrohe’s delicious mixers and sinks.

The modern kitchen is akin to a full seven-course meal; replete with delectable amuse-bouche in the form of lighting and colour; scrumptious soups in the form of countertops and furnishings; appetizers as appliances and shelves as salads.

But the main course is the kitchen’s overall appearance – the style, the feel, the ambience. Does your décor match your choice in mixers and sinks?

A Modern Picasso

Much like the works of the infamous maestro, a confused and mixed kitchen is going to appease art critics and experts; but remain unappreciated by your dinner guests. Fortunately, Hansgrohe works tirelessly to assist you in creating the perfect kitchen so that you don’t have to lose sleep over which cabinets match which knobs.

The Talis Range is all the Rage

The Talis is Hansgrohe’s crème de la crème of kitchen mixer ranges and has won multiple awards over the years. Everyone’s favourite Talis is the Talis Select; an extremely popular button which allows you to turn the water on or off with ease. Now featuring EcoSmart, Talis taps reduce water consumption to 5 l/min and with ComfortZone you can find a spout which matches your washbasin perfectly. The Talis S features a distinctive look with its downward-slanting, conical spout and slender pin handle. The Talis E is defined by elegance and grace, with a gently tapered base set flowing into a swanlike spout. All Talis products can be enhanced with FinishPlus; allowing you to choose from an array of different finishes to craft that perfect look.

The Metris Range packs a Punch

Of course, Talis is not the only dessert on the Hansgrohe menu. The Metris kitchen range was conceptualised and crafted by the amazing Phoenix Design team and captures the essence of the modern kitchen. The rectangular shape plays into modern minimalism, while the long, ergonomic handle adds a touch of sensuality and practicality for young and old alike. But what makes the Metris range so spectacular is that all the mixers come with a pull-out spout, giving you a huge amount of freedom and convenience at the sink. The Metris Select features the well-known Select button, and the entire range is done with the perfect ComfortZone in mind, offering more space and a wider movement radius at the sink.

That Sinking Feeling

But what pairs best with these dessert-ranges of kitchen mixers? Well, much like a Sauvignon Blanc and a custard pastry, the best thing to go with Hansgrohe taps are Hansgrohe sinks. Featuring a mesmerising minimalist design and five options for size, these sinks integrate seamlessly into any kitchen. Their wide L-shaped rim makes them a standout in the room, and you can choose from compact single sinks, draining board additions, double sinks and surface- or under-mounted. By combining your Hansgrohe sinks with your Hansgrohe taps, you will benefit from both maximum flexibility and quality.

Serve a Full Meal

In the same way that the perfect meal must feature different food groups, so the perfect kitchen must feature different elements – but elements which complement each other to set the mood that you want, every time you step inside. With Hansgrohe’s wide range of products pairing your kitchen with the perfect products has never been a more joyous meal!

Hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water!