Christmas Time With Your AGA! – Festive Feasts & Special Treats

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As the festive season heats up so too do the AGA Cookers around the world and their biggest fans. Only an AGA owner would know what cooking a true Christmas Feast feels like in their traditional, state of the art cooker! AGA now brings you the ideal gift for the AGA user, lover or enthusiast. Show the Chef how much you appreciate him or her with a gift from the AGA range of beautiful kitchen textiles.

The AGA range of beautiful kitchen textiles are designed with keen attention to detail to deliver superior performance using robust and hardwearing household linens. Generously sized gauntlets and double oven gloves, with their steam and grease barrier, provide maximum protection, whilst multi-purpose chef’s pads can be used as pot grabs, or to protect dome lids or work surfaces.

In true AGA style, the natural materials used for the textiles Utility range have been developed to stand the test of time. The fabric has been designed by Crisp & Dene from their studios on the Suffolk coast using one of their signature woven Utility fabrics. The plain stripe and herringbone weave have been inspired by the British tradition of hard-wearing household linens. Its appearance and feel reflect the classic and understated Scandi trend of the modern kitchen. Woven for AGA in India, and made in the UK, they are available in Raspberry red and Dartmouth blue.

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Utility Textiles

The AGA Top Dog textiles print has been inspired by AGA customers and their lovely dogs, resulting in a beautiful, stylish and innovative print. Many AGA owners will know their pets often find a premium position in front of the AGA where they find warmth in Winter and the hope of a stray morsel of scrumptious offering from the cook. And who doesn’t love something with doggies on it? There is even a gift for your fur child, an adorable AGA Dog Bed available in four sizes, to ensure they always have a comfy nook next to the cook.

Consider at least half your Christmas list done! Give a piece of AGA style and performance to those who appreciate quality, style, and durability. The ranges include aprons, gauntlet, chef’s pad, double oven glove, tea towel, kitchen cloth, and dog bed!

It is always a very Merry Christmas and Festive season with AGA!

For cooking inspiration, click here, to view the AGA Christmas recipe guide, for perfect Christmas cooking.

Recognized as the world’s best cooking appliance, the AGA oven commands a level of adulation more often associated with the glitz of Hollywood fame — and generates similar devotion. It’s deemed the number one luxury appliance brand and is revered as one of the top three design icons of the century. It’s the kitchen centerpiece of Celebrities, Professional Chefs, Royalty and discerning Homeowners across the globe. AGA represents a lifestyle, one that owners embrace and share fervently with others.

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