Babylonstoren Wine Estate Chooses AXOR

To the shocked reactions of absolutely nobody.

Babylonstoren is one of South Africa’s greatest wine estates, erected in the Drakenstein Valley in 1692. During their most recent rounds of renovations, the brilliant powers-that-be went and made their wisest choice in over three-hundred years – they chose AXOR products to take lead in the bathrooms…

AXOR Montreux.

J’aime L’eau

There are two words which come to mind when viewing the Montreux design range: authenticity and perfection. Modeled on the turn-of-the-century period of yesteryear, Montreux symbolizes a time of change; a time of technological advancement. The world had just begun to open its eyes to globalization, electricity was becoming more abundant and the motorcar was at the forefront of mass production. The AXOR Montreux design immortalizes Europe’s grand hotels at a time when opulence dictated the whims of the mob.

The (Hanging) Garden Cottages of Babylonstoren

While the Cape Dutch Farm Estate does not boast hanging gardens, it does boast a number of hospitality-related venues for guests coming to stay. It is within these walls that guests will find the AXOR Montreux products being used as intended: as glowing pieces of beauty which enhance the room to a state of Victorian-era splendor. Babylonstoren offers accommodation in multiple formats. Guests can choose to stay at the hotel itself, being treated to all of the comforts of a hotel getaway. Alternatively, guests can choose to stay in the gorgeous ‘Farmhouse’, one of the delightful ‘Garden Cottages’ or ‘Fynbos Cottages’ or take it a step further and set up shop in the ‘Manor House’.

Viva La Blend

These two could not be better suited for one another. Babylonstoren is a Cape Dutch Farm Estate which embraces and encourages its own history. The accommodation is meant to appear dated and traditional – but still expects to function according to modern parameters. The AXOR Montreux range stands at the helm of modern innovation in sanitary fittings but is modeled to look akin to fittings of the 20th century.

The AXOR Montreux range features all of the bells and whistles one has come to expect from top quality AXOR products as well, not shirking the modern thermostat technology or separate controls for temperatures. With AXOR Montreux and Babylonstoren, you can truly experience the ‘Belle Epoque’ of the last century… the ‘Beautiful Age’.

AXOR. Form follows perfection.