Gut Microbiome Testing Now Available In South Africa

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Viome and Next Biosciences take personalised health to new levels with South Africa’s first Microbiome Gut Intelligence® Test

Science shows there is a clear link between an individual’s gut microbiome and his/her overall health, as well as being strongly linked to most chronic diseases. To empower consumers, Next Biosciences, a leading South African biotech company, announced today a partnership with Viome, to distribute its Gut Intelligence® Test in South Africa.

Viome’s Gut Intelligence® Test analyses an individual’s microbiome to determine which foods a person should eat more of and which ones they should be minimising. Personalised supplement recommendations are included.

Viome leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence and metatranscriptomic technology developed at the prestigious Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. USA to sequence RNA (gene expression), a high-resolution view of both an individual’s microbial composition and activity.

Combined with artificial intelligence, biological pathway analysis, and translational science, this allows Viome to make personalised recommendations to balance their gut microbiome.

“Next Biosciences’ mission is to innovate and invest in future health possibilities that combine medicine, science, and technology. The addition of Viome to our offering fits with our vision,” said Dr. Yvonne Holt, Chief Medical Officer of Next Biosciences. “We are excited to assist South Africans to make more informed choices based on the intelligence revealed by their gut microbiome.”

New technologies used by microbiologists to identify and analyze organisms like bacteria, viruses, archaea, and fungi are ushering in a new era of medicine and a new understanding of the forces at work within the body.

Through this partnership between Viome and Next Biosciences, individuals are able to not only identify but also understand how certain microorganisms residing in the gut interact with the body and eventually impact overall health.

Order Viome’s Gut Intelligence test kit today and have it delivered to your home. For more information, visit