Five Surprising Facts About CBD Oil

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CBD Oil is becoming all the more popular as an all-natural alternative for treating ailments. Probably because it has so many uses from aiding cancer to patients to reducing anxiety and depression to treating and reducing pain and inflammation.

But there is still a lot that many people don’t know about CBD Oil. From improving brain function to alleviating withdrawal symptoms and treating addiction, here are five surprising facts about CBD Oil:

1. CBD assists in the treatment of addiction

Research suggests that CBD acts as an inhibitor to control addictive behaviours. This makes CBD a promising treatment method for addictions.

Various addictive substances, such as nicotine, alcohol and ironically marijuana, were used during the course of the research. The research found that CBD blocks serotonin receptors in the brain responsible for the pleasurable response.

CBD can also alleviate symptoms associated with drug withdrawals. This includes nausea, anxiety, pain and mood swings.

2. The effects of THC are counteracted by CBD

CBD is non-psychoactive, making it a safe and no addictive method of treatment. Because it is non-psychoactive, CBD counteracts the effects of THC. This includes anxiety and memory impairment.

There is no lethal dosage of THC or CBD but as a safety precaution most users prefer CBD over THC. This is because CBD helps balance the symptoms without any negative side effects.

3. CBD has been used by Royal Families

These days Cannabis and its related products are being stereotyped and are often restricted because of this. But throughout history, Cannabis related products, specifically CBD was used to treat ailments.

Queen Victoria was one such person that made of CBD as a pain reliever. More specifically to treat menstrual cramps.

4. CBD can help improve brain function

It is believed by many people that “pot” (marijuana), makes a person stupid. This is actually untrue. As shown by modern day research.

Research shows that CBD can be used to treat various neurological issues. Memory problems, PTSD, epilepsy and migraines are a few examples that can be treated with CBD. There are many success stories about CBD being used as treatment for these neurological issues.

5. Without prescription, all forms of CBD are illegal in Canada

CBD treatment and usage is growing in various countries all across the globe. However Canada is not as lenient.

In Canada CBD is seen as a Schedule 2 drug. Schedule 2 drugs can not be acquired without a prescription and can only be found at licensed medical marijuana companies. This is because instead of the medication being formulated from hemp, it is formulated from marijauna.

The reason for this is that Canada hasn’t separated CBD oil derived from hemp and CBD oil derived from marijuana.

Sending CBD across the border can be quite risky as it could be intercepted by customs. This could lead to the products either being sent back or destroyed. The Canada Border Services Agency can also fine importers.

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