Building Muscle The Healthy Whey!

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High-quality sports nutrition that helps athletes go out harder and bounce back faster.

One of South Africa’s leading collagen pioneers, Harvest Table, has recently added to its innovative range of health-boosting products with the launch of its Power Shakes, specially-formulated sports nutrition for athletes of all shapes and sizes.

Catherine Clark, the Owner, and Founder of Harvest Table says that as part of a healthy lifestyle, a growing number of South Africans are getting actively involved in sports on a regular basis. At the same time, consumers are becoming increasingly educated about their health and are looking for nutritional solutions that will boost their performance and their health.

“Attitudes towards exercising have changed during the past decade but sports supplements have not necessarily kept pace with the latest research,” Catherine says. “We identified a gap in the market to supply good quality sports nutrition that can help both the race snakes as well as the weekend warriors build muscle, sustain higher levels of activity and minimise injuries.”

So, Catherine and her team put their heads together to formulate a nutritional shake that would benefit athletes’ overall health and wellness. The result is a tasty range of three shakes that pack a powerful combination of grass-fed whey concentrate, collagen and I-glutamine, a unique blend that offers a wide range of health benefits.

“Whey is a key ingredient in our shakes as athletes have been using it to build muscle for years. But whey is often over-processed and can be damaging to the digestive system, leading to discomfort and even ulcers,” Catherine explains. “To overcome this, we’ve used a good quality grass-fed whey that delivers the same muscle-building properties but is much gentler on the gut,” Catherine explains.

While whey is seen as the prerequisite for building strong muscles, joint maintenance and bone strength are equally important for athletic performance. This is where collagen is recognised as the rising star in sports nutrition. Collagen is a basic building block for strong bones which are essential to support muscle development and help prevent injuries whilst also ensuring faster recovery times.

“Collagen is a complex protein that acts like a glue in the connective tissues throughout your body. It has a special combination of 19 amino acids that help to fight inflammation and to repair, maintain and restore muscle mass. In fact, your tendons and ligaments are made up of around 75% collagen so supplementing your diet with collagen will help to reduce potential pain or injury and help you to recover, even after a strenuous workout,” Catherine explains.

While injury prevention and quick recovery are important, most sportsmen and women want bags of energy as this is what really makes a massive difference when it comes to physical performance. Again, this is where collagen really is a stand-out. The amino acid glycine is found abundantly in collagen and this is needed to form creatine, which as any athlete knows, promotes healthy muscle growth and produces energy.

“The combination of ingredients in our Power Shakes ensure that you have more energy to move and exercise and more lean muscle on board to keep your metabolism fired up, making it much easier to power up your performance. Whether you’re hitting the road for a gentle five-kilometre training run or gearing up for a 100km bicycle race, you will have the optimal nutritional balance to go out harder and bounce back faster,” says Catherine.

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