Vacation Bag Must-Haves!!! For A Natural Girl

Planning a holiday visit to escape this winter might prove challenging and to add on having natural hair is stressful. However, with the right preparation your in bag and making sure one has all the necessary to make the trip enjoyable for both your hair and you can be done by going through a very easy checklist.

Braid Your Hair:

Getting your hair braided or adding faux locs is one way good protective natural hairstyle that will keep your hair looking good and healthy for the entire duration of your winter vacation locally or abroad.

However, it is advisable to keep the hairstyle styled daily, you can use the Long & Lasting Braid & Dread Spray with Shine or ORS Olive Oil Black Castor Braid Spray. All the products can fit well into your bag you can be do this by digging into your natural hair bag. Make use of hair products such as 

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Long & Lasting Braid & Dreads Spray
Co-Wash  & Dry Shampoo 

In case you decide to keep your natural hair, I advise you carry a good Vatika Afro Naturals Co-wash. the Product has light no-suds conditioning cream gently and it removes residue including all of the things one had used to style and maintain your coils and curls. 

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Vatika Afro Naturals Co-Wash
Hair Bonnet

Just like when you are at home it is pivotal to have a nice satin hair bonnet that will keep your hair looking good. Satin hair bonnets are good for your hair as they trap in that moisture and most of all promotes good ready to go hair. The bonnet promotes healthy well nourished hair protected from drying and ruining your new hairstyle. Bibi Rouge Benmore is creating nice locally produced african print wear that has a beautiful bonnet line at a reasonable price. 

a women wearing a hair bonnet
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Hair Bonnets: Bibi Rouge Benmore Shopping Centre
Scrunchie/Elastics or Clip claws

Scrunchies and elastics are super essentials to put your hair up and keep your hair looking good. A nice Claw clip can also secure a good hair bun in seconds. Helping you cut time and go to enjoy your vacation. One can shop nice scrunchies at Dischem or Clicks or the Demin Store at Bryanston on a reduced special for a stylish fit.

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Hair Scrunges

Planning a vacation for you and your natural hair is very easy as long as you have a short nice checklist like the one above you are guaranteed a good time and a well rested vacation.